Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 Month Check Up

Cason had his 2 month check up today and did great! I love when the Doctor is impressed with how healthy/big he is- it very reassuring for Momma.
  • Weight: 12.9 lbs
  • Height: 24.5 inches
  • Still as healthy as a horse.. Not one cold yet!
  • Sleeps 8-9 hours a night
  • Received two shots and only let out one yell. (Mom was way more upset than Mr. Tough)
We don't see the Doctor again until after the first of the year for his 4 months check up. I'm so proud of my healthy little super baby!

Friday, November 4, 2011

2 Months Old

Cason Lynn is 2 months old- Crazy! He continues to grow, grow, GROW! We haven't been to his 2 month check-up yet, but that is soon. We have loved watching his grow and develop these past two months- and I can't believe it's going by so fast.

Cason now:
  • Sleeps through the night- which is crazy because he's breastfed.
  • Smiles and laughs with Momma and Daddy.
  • Blows bubbles.
  • Smacks his lips.
  • Started wearing 0-3 month clothing at least 2 weeks ago. (We have a VERY healthy baby.)
  • Loves bath time and getting his face wet.
  • Mimics Daddy's sounds and faces.
  • Can lift himself up and turn his head easily.
  • Sleeps on his tummy.
  • Is very aware of his surroundings- like if Momma is near, but not holding him.
  • LOVES his Momma and Daddy.
And thanks to his Gigi- made the CUTEST Yoda ever on Halloween.

Comings & Goings

Since moving into our home we've kept busy! Our little family made a day trip to Princeton, NJ to visit Aunt SB and a day trip to see our Nation's Capitol.
Seeing Sarah was a blast and Princeton is beautiful. She got to see her nephew for the first time and it was love at first sight. I had to fight her for him because if I had let her hold him all day she would have- regardless of feedings or changings. We loved seeing her, meeting her lovely roomie, Lauren, and walking around her beloved Princeton.
The day trip into DC was awesome! We took the metro into the city (first time for Cody- first time for me to do it in the states)... It was nice.. Could've gotten Cody sick, but I guess that's part of the experience? You'll hear more about this in another post. We saw all of the monuments and took tons of pictures. Cason did great, and we loved using our stroller. We will definitely be going back multiple times.
Sarah and my mom- now Gigi- came to visit us. Sarah could only stay for the weekend- but mom had flown in for the whole week! She went with Sarah to NJ for a few days, but came back to finish the week off with us. We loved spending the weekend with both of them- cheering for our Rangers and shopping. Mom helped me decorate the house- the living room is now complete! Pictures soon! We bought Cason's crib, among many other things. We loved spending time with both of them and they definitely loved spending time with the baby!

Goodbye Heat, Hello Cold

Roughly 2 weeks after Cason was born, we loaded up our vehicles and headed to our new home. Lucky for me, my Daddy, now known as Grandfather, agreed to take time off of work to drive Cason and I so I could ride in the back with the nugget. Cason was and is the easiest baby. He doesn't fuss unless he is hungry and he slept pretty much the whole drive up here. We are lucky to have family in Atlanta, so we stopped by to spend some time with them and get Grandfather a few needed drinks in his system. 
When we arrived at Andrews AFB we were all so relieved to finally be out of the car and be introduced to our bright, new future. We sadly had to put Grandfather on a plane the next morning- we were so lucky to have his help and we miss him like crazy. Then we went to buy coats and a Garmin- because it was freezing and we were constantly getting lost. We started our house hunt the next day- and by the end of the process were SO tired of living in a hotel. We had a little bit of drama while searching for our home, but we finally ended up in an ideal house.
We live in Waldorf, Maryland and we LOOOVE it. It has a small town feel, but has plenty of things to do and places to eat and shop. Our 2-story home is perfect- it's a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath with hardwood floors and a large deck out back. Our neighborhood is adorable- the kids come home from school and play baseball or football in the street. They always wave to both me and Cody... So stinkin' cute.
We love being so close to my sister, Sarah, who is getting her masters done in Princeton, NJ. We love being close to Washington D.C. We just love our life here and we're so excited for the next couple of years.


This day was the best day of my life. We checked into the hospital the night before to start the birthing process- but our nugget was not ready to arrive quite yet. He was overdue and hadn't even dropped yet. When our nurses changed shifts, our day nurse, Lori, informed us that we had to have the munchkin out by 3 pm in order to have our Doctor deliver him. So, within the next 10 minutes, they broke my water, started the pitocin, and gave me an epidural.
 2 months later a lot of that day is now a blur. I remember our families coming in to see us and bring Cody some food- I loved having them all there for our special day. Our nurse, Lori, was the BEST NURSE EVER. Since Cason hadn't dropped at all and he was a surprise 9.2 lbs baby, labor was extremely intense for roughly 4 hours. Multiple times the nurse mentioned an emergency c-section- in which I answered with tears and telling Cody that was not an option. My wonderful husband never left my side and was the support that I needed in order to deliver Cason.
Dr. Dawson showed up at 2:00 p.m. with all sorts of jokes and encouragement. At 2:10 p.m. I gave birth to our son, Cason Lynn Works. He weighed 9.2 lbs and was 21 inches long. (2 pounds heavier than we thought.) When they laid Cason on my chest I couldn't help but cry. That was the best moment of my life- and watching Cody cut the umbilical cord with so much  pride and happiness made me fall in love with him all over again.
 Fun Fact: Dr. Dawson was so surprised at how much Cason weighed (and that I could get him out without a c-section or anything else to help me) that he called his office and told his nurses to go visit Cason and I at the hospital. So we got a surprise visit from not only our favorite nurses but also the technician that told us months ago that we were having a precious baby boy.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goodbye Mississippi, Hello Texas!

(For Now.) This past Wednesday, August 24th, my husband graduated from Technical School. We are SO proud of him! Sadly, I could not make the trip since I am 9 months pregnant, and it broke my heart! He wakes me up every morning on skype to tell me goodbye before he leaves for work and that he loves me- So when he woke me up wearing his dress blues the day of his graduation... I lost it! I cried for so long after he left... Oh hormones. 6 months ago, when he left for Mississippi, we thought the separation would last forever, but luckily it has gone by faster than we thought it would. We've been lucky enough to be able to travel back and forth to visit each other- but as husband and wife, we are MORE than ready to finally live together!
The past 6 months, Cody has been doing detailed training for his job in the AF. He's learned to hack computers, protect computers from being hacked, and plenty more in depth stuff that I literally cannot wrap my brain around. If you know me, you know I can work very few things on a computer: FB, e-mail, and Word. So Cody trying to explain his work to me.... I get lost. All I know that he is going to protect the USA's cyberspace, so he pretty much rocks.
While Cody is ready for the next chapter of our lives to start, I know that he learned and grew so much while in Biloxi. He met some really awesome guys that he respects and became friends with over the past couple of months. A few of them are dads- and they've given him some great advice throughout the pregnancy! I'm sure he'll stay in touch with a good number of them.
I am so proud of my husband for everything that he has worked to accomplish so far in his military career. I love to brag about him to everyone that will listen and I am so lucky that he chose me to share his success with. Cason and I will always be his biggest fans! We love you so much Daddy!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

38 Weeks

Cason and I had an appointment today and it went GREAT! When the Doctor came in, he saw my swollen feet, poked them, and said, "Woooo! Puffy!" Haha! Cason's heartbeat is good and strong, like always - I absolutely LOVE hearing it. He then checked to see if I am dilated...... And I AM! We are dilated to a 2! Finally! I can't believe our baby is almost here. I am SO excited!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August Update!

Family Update
After finding out our next station, Washington DC, we've begun planning the next chapter in our lives. We've been looking at houses and areas that we would like to start our family off in- Virginia is ultimately where we would like our house to be located. While it's been fun house hunting together, doing so over the internet can get complicated and frustrating. We're taking it one day at a time though and once we move to the DC area, the military gives us 10 days to house hunt and sign a lease. So no need to worry about it now! (But of course I do.)

We have known since finding out about our new addition that we would need to buy a new car. After looking and debating over different makes and models, we finally found EXACTLY what we wanted!
It's a Ford Edge and we LOOOVE it. It's the perfect family car and we're excited about all the future adventures we'll have in it. Thank you Cody for spoiling me like crazy!

Our move date is September 15th- We have to be on base in Maryland September 19th. Luckily Daddy B has agreed to drive Cason and I in the Edge, so I can focus completely on the baby. We're so excited to get our life started in our new location!

Baby Update
Cason is growing, growing, growing! He is a very healthy baby, and is estimated to weigh ~7 pounds. We've begun our weekly visits to the Doctor and have been dialated to < 1 both times. Basically, Cason has not dropped and has no intention of making his appearance anytime soon... Even at 37 weeks. So the Doc estimates he'll weigh close to 8 pounds by the due date- this is all estimation of course. 

At the last visit the Doctor came in to talk to me about inducing since we're moving so soon after the delivery. If any of you have talked to me throughout the pregnancy, you know that I am 110% against inducing. I am a firm believer that Cason will come when he is ready- I would NEVER bring him early for my own comfort. Anyways, Doctor  Dawson told me that he really thought it was a good idea to bring him close after the Due Date just because we both (Momma and Baby) will need time to recover before we move across the country. So we agreed to induce on September 2nd if he has not arrived yet. I'm not crazy about the idea- but I understand the Doctor's reasoning and I am SO excited to meet our baby boy.

Momma Update
I'm huge. My feet are grossly swollen and my fingers are so swollen that I haven't been able to take off any of my rings in weeks. But I am healthy! Blood pressure is always good and I'm still carrying him like a basketball- so no extra weight, except the swelling. (Thank you morning sickness, yoga, work, and pilates.)

I graduated Aug. 12th (see post below this one). I also had to quit work because I couldn't really do a lot and I really just wanted to stay home and do nothing- and so far, doing nothing has been nice! I already miss my boss and coworkers though. I'll have to visit sometime next week once Khloe starts school!

Khloe is my 3 yr old BFF. I am living with her and her mom these last couple of weeks- and it's great! Khloe keeps me entertained and Jennifer helps keep me fed and answers all of my pregnancy questions! I love them both to pieces.

Daddy Update
Cody graduates ONE WEEK from tomorrow! He took his last test yesterday, so it's easy stuff from here on out. We are SO proud of him! Thank goodness these 6 months of separation are over a week from Friday! He'll load up his stuff and head this way on Friday (maybe Saturday). I wish Cason and I could go watch him graduate- but sadly that is not an option. We'll be cheering for him in Texas though!!

He is really excited about working in DC and has been in contact with many people already stationed there. He has been doing a phenomenal job getting us ready for the move. I haven't had to do anything (except shop- which I am awesome at).

We've also been getting really excited for football season. If you know Cody, you know that he is a HUGE Cowboy's Fan. He is constantly keeping me up-to-date with all the changes with the new coach and everything. We're excited about having NFL Sundays at our new home and Cason already has two Cowboy's Onesies. Daddy made sure he was prepared!

Well that's what has been going on in our lives! I promise to update after our next Doctor's Appointment- which is Thursday! We are SO close to meeting our baby and being together! The next month will be the best and most crazy month of our lives!

Association of Former Students

I am officially a Fightin' Texas Aggie Former Student! Whoop!
After 3 years (and a summer) of hard work, I graduated from Texas A&M University! All of my family came in to watch me waddle across the stage- and even my husband surprised me by flying in and showing up on my doorstep! I didn't think I would get to see him again until the end of the month- right in time for Cason's birth... So him showing up was the best graduation gift ever.
 After graduation, we all headed to Red Lobster to stuff our faces and open presents. My parents gave me a beautiful James Avery cross necklace- it's a tradition in our family. My older sister, Sarah, and Cody both received one when they graduated. I love mine and have worn it every day since!
It was the best weekend- I loved getting to see my family and getting to spend the weekend with Cody. I am so thankful for the love and support given to me by all of my friends and family. I couldn't have done it without you all!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Andrews AFB

We are moving to WASHINGTON DC!

My husband has been assigned to work at the Pentagon in DC. We are SO proud of him! We were assigned to the Andrews AFB that is located in Camp Springs, Maryland- but Cody will commute back and forth from the Pentagon. We are so excited! The base is known for a couple of things: it covers White House Comm & Pentagon Comm (Cody's doing Pentagon Comm.), it's the home of Air Force One, and it's where our President likes to play golf... No big deal, right? Here are a couple of pictures:

Pentagon Comm
Home of Air Force One
President Obama & House Speaker John Boehner on base
We were so stoked once we found out and couldn't wait to call parents! We can finally start planning and preparing for the next chapter in our lives. We plan to be doing a TON of sightseeing in the next two years- and what's even more cool is we'll be there during the next election so we will be able to attend the next Inaugural Parade. You cannot even begin to understand how excited we are!
The White House
The US Capitol Building
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument
Smithsonian Museum


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I'm Lovin' Thursday

Cody is at school, it's 7:45 a.m., and I am bored out of  my mind. So I decided to steal this lovely idea from one of my best friends- Mrs. April Prather. Enjoy!

The first thing I am thankful for would have to be our amazing, little family. I love my husband like crazy and the thought of finally getting to hold my baby gives me chills and almost makes me cry. I wouldn't change anything about the past year and though NOT planned- Cason is the best thing that has ever happened to me. People ask me all the time if I am nervous and I'm not- Some people were born to be doctors, accountants, etc., but I was born to be a Mom and I am SO excited. I am so glad I have a wonderful, loving partner to go through this exciting adventure with. Cody- I love you so much. Xoxo

The second thing that I am thankful for is hot (Yes, I said hot.) tea. I have been sick the past couple of weeks and my mom made me start drinking hot tea in the morning to help my throat. Now I am an addict. Screw coffee, tea is better. Don't worry though- I am southern, so I still LOVE cold, sweet tea like crazy.

The third thing that I am thankful for is TEXAS. Driving to Mississippi yesterday made me realize how truly lucky we are.. Mississippi isn't bad, but Louisiana.... Bless their hearts. The only good thing about that state is that Cody was born there. BUT if we ever get stationed there with the AF I will love it because that is where our home will be for 2(+) years- but until that happens I have no love for that state.

The fourth thing that I am thankful for would have to be Facebook. I mean seriously, we would all be bored and lonely without it. I try to limit my time on it- but am unsuccessful 95% of the time.

The fifth and final thing that I am thankful for is that it's Thursday. Today we find out where we will be moving to in September- Yay! I can finally start planning and spending all of our Target gift cards! I am SO excited to finally know!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Update

I thought I should update this again- one day I WILL get good at this.... Maybe.

Cason Update

Our little nugget isn't so little anymore! We are almost 31 weeks with only 9 more to go. Wow, time flies! He is the size of a cabbage and weighs more than 3 lbs. He tosses and rolls like crazy- he's our little football player. I can feel specific body parts now- and he has gotten extremely good at kicking my bladder! We are crazy in love with him already and cannot wait until we get to finally meet him.

Momma Update

Still huge- and just getting more and more huge everyday. My lovely, little sister refers to me as "The Planet". Whoop! Summer school is not so fun- but I graduate in less than 2 months! Almost done, almost done...

Daddy Update

Cody is doing amazing in Biloxi! He is knocking out tests one by one and getting closer and closer to finishing in August. We are so proud of him! We find out where we will be stationed in September in 2 days- and Momma and Cason are driving to Mississippi to be with Daddy when he finds out. We don't care where we go because we will FINALLY be together- and we'll have our baby boy to keep us entertained! We love Daddy so much!

That's pretty much it for now. I will obviously blog again after the Mississippi Trip so everyone can know where we are going! Xoxo

Monday, May 30, 2011


I am not very good at updating this- between school, work, and being pregnant I have no desire most nights to type on this blog! BUT a lot has happened lately, so I thought I would spend my last "free" night before A&M summer classes start by filling everybody in.

Doctors Appointment
Last Wednesday Cason & I had our monthly Dr. visit. Everything went great! I got to hear our little nugget's heartbeat & Dr. Dawson measured my tummy (26 inches! Yay!). I had no desire to know my weight- so I stepped on that horrible scale backwards! I did ask though what I had gained in the last month... (thinking that it would be close to nothing since I crave veggies, drink a ton of water, and have started walking....) Burr. I still gained 7 pounds. My doctor reassured me though that at this stage of the pregnancy I am supposed to gain that much weight and promised he would let me know if I ever gained too much between visits. He ended his lovely, encouraging speech with- "I mean seriously- look how cute you are!" 

Happy Birthday Cason Lynn!
Cody flew into Houston on Thursday night (Cason's 26th Week Birthday!!) We were both so excited to see Daddy- a month apart seems like forever! We met up with our good friend, Jonathan, at Texas Roadhouse before heading back to CS. We had a great time talking and catching up- I got to hear more of Jonathan's priceless stories, too funny! I miss having all of the boys around- it's no fun being lonely and bored in College Station!

Rachel's Graduation
My little sister, Rachel, graduated from high school on Friday. Cody, Cason, & I drove to Pittsburg to celebrate this awesome event! She graduated in the Top Ten Percent of her class and plans to attend UTA, majoring in Criminal Justice & Psychology with a minor in French. She wants to learn to pick apart criminal's minds and study abroad a few semesters- sounds like a fun college experience to me. Luckily graduation wasn't too hot, so this baby mama didn't have to complain too much! Afterwards, we took family photos and got to meet Rachel's new boyfriend. I was impressed! He survived meeting parents, all the siblings (minus Sarah- she's living it up in Italy this summer!), and Granny. Daddy and Cody are intimidating alone- so imagine having to deal with them at the same time... Good job Carlin!
The next morning Cody and I walked while Dad and Grant played tennis. Then Mom fixed us Belgium waffles, sausage, and bacon. Delicious! While in Pittsburg, we went to all the stores we were registered at- (Hoovers, Lizzies, & Fosters) and spent all of our store credit! It's so fun shopping for free! We were glad to be done though- thank you everyone for your love and thoughtfulness. Now it's time to register for Baby Cason!

Family, Food, & Hangover 2
We met up with our Carthage Family at Papacitas in Longview on Saturday for lunch. We have missed them so much! We had a blast catching up with them and eating yummy food. Uncle Dustin surprised us with the most adorable outfit for Cason! It's a red & white Under-Armour onesie with matching red shorts & white socks with the red Under-Armour logo! SO CUTE! Thank you! We LOVE it! After eating we all decided to go watch Hangover 2. Hilarious! The time with them was WAY too short- but luckily I get to see them this Friday for Dustin's HS graduation!
Time with the Husband
We drove back to CS Saturday night after the movie- and actually drove straight to the theaters to watch Kungfu Panda 2! LOVED IT! We definitely like it better than the first one- (and we absolutely loved the first one.) What a perfect day! (Needless to say at the end of it Momma and Cason were exhausted.)

The next day we spent a lot of time in the pool.. We had so much fun playing random games, swimming (Cody showed me all these new strokes- he's like a pro-swimmer lol), and of course having random, silly competitions. (We're too competitive to not do this!) All of the awesomeness resulted to one thing: SUNBURNS. We are pretty cute lobsters though.

Cody was supposed to leave on Sunday- but we gave in and paid the money to have his ticket changed to Monday. The extra time with my husband was worth it! I drove him back today- It's sad, but we are getting closer and closer to being able to live together!

Coming Up
Tomorrow my summer classes at A&M start, so that will keep me busy! Cody is also starting a new block in his training- this is his 7th block out of 14.. (Halfway done! Yay Daddy!) On Friday we are both attending Dustin's graduation.... I will be there in person and Cody will be there through Skype! I am taking my computer so Cody doesn't miss his little brother walk. (It was Cody's idea- isn't he precious?)

Monday, May 2, 2011

22 weeks

Today I had our 3rd ultra-sound... and I cried! The technician checked all of Cason's organs and measurements to make sure that he is a healthy baby boy. She said that he is perfect- and right where he needs to be! (I could have told her that- he's a Works.) 

I got to see his face for the first time. He is so handsome! I bet he looks just like his daddy.

While we were watching him, he moved his hand up to his mouth and started sucking his thumb. This is where I lost it, haha. I was in awe just watching our baby do that- it was honestly the most beautiful/perfect thing I have ever seen.

He definitely is a fiesty one, he rolled over at least twice during the sono- the tech had fun chasing him around! I can't wait to meet our baby. I might be biased, but seriously- Cason is perfect. C'mon September 1st!

We missed you today Daddy. We love you!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Life So Far....

2011 has been a quite a year, and it's just now May! I guess the best place to start is the beginning- So here we go...

This lovely month started out pretty normal. Cody graduated and commissioned into the AF in December, so we thought the excitement was over for a while... HA! Early January I was getting tired easily and feeling sick in the morning... So after putting it off for almost two weeks we decided to buy a pregnancy test. Whelp... That little + sign showed up and just like that we were expecting our first baby. We experienced just about every emotion imaginable within the next couple of days- and finally decided we should let our families know! We are so thankful for the love and support that we received from family and friends. It was during this time that we realized how blessed we truly are- we love you all so much! We got to see our baby for the first time on my 21st birthday. His heart beat was strong and he posed so well for the sono pictures (I swore that he was a girl because this)... We were (are) so proud of him!

Our Due Date is September 1, 2011.

We had scheduled our date for 04/02/2011.... So needless to say EVERY conversation I had with my parents revolved around wedding details. I love you both so much! While this month was fun and exciting, it had a bittersweet ending to it. Cody left for Mississippi at the end of February to start his Cyberspace Operation classes at Keesler AF Base. I was not thrilled to see him go- but SO excited for him and extremely proud!

Even more wedding planning... And SHOWERS! One weekend was especially important. Cody surprised me and showed up at my doorstep one night, dropped down to one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring, and officially asked me to spend forever with him as his wife. I obviously was not expecting it because I was in boy shorts, a large t-shirt, bra-less, hair in a ponytail, and reading glasses. Hot-mess! It was the best proposal ever... I'm so blessed! We attended our good friends, Jeff and Kristen Nabors, wedding that Saturday. It was such a beautiful wedding and we loved see our friends/buddies. Our lovely Carthage family threw us a wedding shower the next day, and it was perfect. We got so many wonderful gifts and got to spend time with our family. We were reminded again of how blessed we truly are. 

March 31, 2011 I found out the gender of our baby.....

We got married April 2, 2011. It was the most beautiful day... The best day of my life. Our wedding was perfect and we had the most wonderful people to share it with. I also surprised Cody with the gender of our baby.... BOY! He was extremely surprised and excited... (and NOT expecting it at all- I CAN keep a secret!) Woohoooo pressure is off! The day that I became Cody's wife was absolutely flawless. The pictures are amazing (Thank you Kelsy & Aunt Dawn!) and the memories are priceless. Our wedding party was the absolute best & we had a blast! We spent our wedding night in Shreveport and Cody got on a plane the next day to go back to Biloxi. I got my Aggie Ring two weeks later! Whoop! Thanks Mom & Dad! During this month we also named our child- Cason Lynn Works. I'm pretty sure it's the best name ever.. Not that I'm biased or anything. It took awhile for us to choose, but we finally agreed on one. We both love it and LOVE that we have named our baby. Cody, Claire, & Cason.... Sounds nice!

Also in April I flew to Biloxi, MS to visit Cody- but that deserves a separate post!

Well that's our crazy life between January & May... I will do more detailed posts regarding Cody in Biloxi, Cason, & the trip that Cason and I took to Biloxi to visit Daddy soon!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Family Blog

I decided to start a blog about our family so it will be easy for our friends and family to keep up with us. Since Cody is in the USAF there is no telling where we will live in the future- So a blog seemed like a great idea! I will post a more detailed blog soon- but it's really late & my husband is going to get on to me for staying up this late as it is.