Monday, May 30, 2011


I am not very good at updating this- between school, work, and being pregnant I have no desire most nights to type on this blog! BUT a lot has happened lately, so I thought I would spend my last "free" night before A&M summer classes start by filling everybody in.

Doctors Appointment
Last Wednesday Cason & I had our monthly Dr. visit. Everything went great! I got to hear our little nugget's heartbeat & Dr. Dawson measured my tummy (26 inches! Yay!). I had no desire to know my weight- so I stepped on that horrible scale backwards! I did ask though what I had gained in the last month... (thinking that it would be close to nothing since I crave veggies, drink a ton of water, and have started walking....) Burr. I still gained 7 pounds. My doctor reassured me though that at this stage of the pregnancy I am supposed to gain that much weight and promised he would let me know if I ever gained too much between visits. He ended his lovely, encouraging speech with- "I mean seriously- look how cute you are!" 

Happy Birthday Cason Lynn!
Cody flew into Houston on Thursday night (Cason's 26th Week Birthday!!) We were both so excited to see Daddy- a month apart seems like forever! We met up with our good friend, Jonathan, at Texas Roadhouse before heading back to CS. We had a great time talking and catching up- I got to hear more of Jonathan's priceless stories, too funny! I miss having all of the boys around- it's no fun being lonely and bored in College Station!

Rachel's Graduation
My little sister, Rachel, graduated from high school on Friday. Cody, Cason, & I drove to Pittsburg to celebrate this awesome event! She graduated in the Top Ten Percent of her class and plans to attend UTA, majoring in Criminal Justice & Psychology with a minor in French. She wants to learn to pick apart criminal's minds and study abroad a few semesters- sounds like a fun college experience to me. Luckily graduation wasn't too hot, so this baby mama didn't have to complain too much! Afterwards, we took family photos and got to meet Rachel's new boyfriend. I was impressed! He survived meeting parents, all the siblings (minus Sarah- she's living it up in Italy this summer!), and Granny. Daddy and Cody are intimidating alone- so imagine having to deal with them at the same time... Good job Carlin!
The next morning Cody and I walked while Dad and Grant played tennis. Then Mom fixed us Belgium waffles, sausage, and bacon. Delicious! While in Pittsburg, we went to all the stores we were registered at- (Hoovers, Lizzies, & Fosters) and spent all of our store credit! It's so fun shopping for free! We were glad to be done though- thank you everyone for your love and thoughtfulness. Now it's time to register for Baby Cason!

Family, Food, & Hangover 2
We met up with our Carthage Family at Papacitas in Longview on Saturday for lunch. We have missed them so much! We had a blast catching up with them and eating yummy food. Uncle Dustin surprised us with the most adorable outfit for Cason! It's a red & white Under-Armour onesie with matching red shorts & white socks with the red Under-Armour logo! SO CUTE! Thank you! We LOVE it! After eating we all decided to go watch Hangover 2. Hilarious! The time with them was WAY too short- but luckily I get to see them this Friday for Dustin's HS graduation!
Time with the Husband
We drove back to CS Saturday night after the movie- and actually drove straight to the theaters to watch Kungfu Panda 2! LOVED IT! We definitely like it better than the first one- (and we absolutely loved the first one.) What a perfect day! (Needless to say at the end of it Momma and Cason were exhausted.)

The next day we spent a lot of time in the pool.. We had so much fun playing random games, swimming (Cody showed me all these new strokes- he's like a pro-swimmer lol), and of course having random, silly competitions. (We're too competitive to not do this!) All of the awesomeness resulted to one thing: SUNBURNS. We are pretty cute lobsters though.

Cody was supposed to leave on Sunday- but we gave in and paid the money to have his ticket changed to Monday. The extra time with my husband was worth it! I drove him back today- It's sad, but we are getting closer and closer to being able to live together!

Coming Up
Tomorrow my summer classes at A&M start, so that will keep me busy! Cody is also starting a new block in his training- this is his 7th block out of 14.. (Halfway done! Yay Daddy!) On Friday we are both attending Dustin's graduation.... I will be there in person and Cody will be there through Skype! I am taking my computer so Cody doesn't miss his little brother walk. (It was Cody's idea- isn't he precious?)

Monday, May 2, 2011

22 weeks

Today I had our 3rd ultra-sound... and I cried! The technician checked all of Cason's organs and measurements to make sure that he is a healthy baby boy. She said that he is perfect- and right where he needs to be! (I could have told her that- he's a Works.) 

I got to see his face for the first time. He is so handsome! I bet he looks just like his daddy.

While we were watching him, he moved his hand up to his mouth and started sucking his thumb. This is where I lost it, haha. I was in awe just watching our baby do that- it was honestly the most beautiful/perfect thing I have ever seen.

He definitely is a fiesty one, he rolled over at least twice during the sono- the tech had fun chasing him around! I can't wait to meet our baby. I might be biased, but seriously- Cason is perfect. C'mon September 1st!

We missed you today Daddy. We love you!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Life So Far....

2011 has been a quite a year, and it's just now May! I guess the best place to start is the beginning- So here we go...

This lovely month started out pretty normal. Cody graduated and commissioned into the AF in December, so we thought the excitement was over for a while... HA! Early January I was getting tired easily and feeling sick in the morning... So after putting it off for almost two weeks we decided to buy a pregnancy test. Whelp... That little + sign showed up and just like that we were expecting our first baby. We experienced just about every emotion imaginable within the next couple of days- and finally decided we should let our families know! We are so thankful for the love and support that we received from family and friends. It was during this time that we realized how blessed we truly are- we love you all so much! We got to see our baby for the first time on my 21st birthday. His heart beat was strong and he posed so well for the sono pictures (I swore that he was a girl because this)... We were (are) so proud of him!

Our Due Date is September 1, 2011.

We had scheduled our date for 04/02/2011.... So needless to say EVERY conversation I had with my parents revolved around wedding details. I love you both so much! While this month was fun and exciting, it had a bittersweet ending to it. Cody left for Mississippi at the end of February to start his Cyberspace Operation classes at Keesler AF Base. I was not thrilled to see him go- but SO excited for him and extremely proud!

Even more wedding planning... And SHOWERS! One weekend was especially important. Cody surprised me and showed up at my doorstep one night, dropped down to one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring, and officially asked me to spend forever with him as his wife. I obviously was not expecting it because I was in boy shorts, a large t-shirt, bra-less, hair in a ponytail, and reading glasses. Hot-mess! It was the best proposal ever... I'm so blessed! We attended our good friends, Jeff and Kristen Nabors, wedding that Saturday. It was such a beautiful wedding and we loved see our friends/buddies. Our lovely Carthage family threw us a wedding shower the next day, and it was perfect. We got so many wonderful gifts and got to spend time with our family. We were reminded again of how blessed we truly are. 

March 31, 2011 I found out the gender of our baby.....

We got married April 2, 2011. It was the most beautiful day... The best day of my life. Our wedding was perfect and we had the most wonderful people to share it with. I also surprised Cody with the gender of our baby.... BOY! He was extremely surprised and excited... (and NOT expecting it at all- I CAN keep a secret!) Woohoooo pressure is off! The day that I became Cody's wife was absolutely flawless. The pictures are amazing (Thank you Kelsy & Aunt Dawn!) and the memories are priceless. Our wedding party was the absolute best & we had a blast! We spent our wedding night in Shreveport and Cody got on a plane the next day to go back to Biloxi. I got my Aggie Ring two weeks later! Whoop! Thanks Mom & Dad! During this month we also named our child- Cason Lynn Works. I'm pretty sure it's the best name ever.. Not that I'm biased or anything. It took awhile for us to choose, but we finally agreed on one. We both love it and LOVE that we have named our baby. Cody, Claire, & Cason.... Sounds nice!

Also in April I flew to Biloxi, MS to visit Cody- but that deserves a separate post!

Well that's our crazy life between January & May... I will do more detailed posts regarding Cody in Biloxi, Cason, & the trip that Cason and I took to Biloxi to visit Daddy soon!