Monday, May 2, 2011

22 weeks

Today I had our 3rd ultra-sound... and I cried! The technician checked all of Cason's organs and measurements to make sure that he is a healthy baby boy. She said that he is perfect- and right where he needs to be! (I could have told her that- he's a Works.) 

I got to see his face for the first time. He is so handsome! I bet he looks just like his daddy.

While we were watching him, he moved his hand up to his mouth and started sucking his thumb. This is where I lost it, haha. I was in awe just watching our baby do that- it was honestly the most beautiful/perfect thing I have ever seen.

He definitely is a fiesty one, he rolled over at least twice during the sono- the tech had fun chasing him around! I can't wait to meet our baby. I might be biased, but seriously- Cason is perfect. C'mon September 1st!

We missed you today Daddy. We love you!

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