Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I'm Lovin' Thursday

Cody is at school, it's 7:45 a.m., and I am bored out of  my mind. So I decided to steal this lovely idea from one of my best friends- Mrs. April Prather. Enjoy!

The first thing I am thankful for would have to be our amazing, little family. I love my husband like crazy and the thought of finally getting to hold my baby gives me chills and almost makes me cry. I wouldn't change anything about the past year and though NOT planned- Cason is the best thing that has ever happened to me. People ask me all the time if I am nervous and I'm not- Some people were born to be doctors, accountants, etc., but I was born to be a Mom and I am SO excited. I am so glad I have a wonderful, loving partner to go through this exciting adventure with. Cody- I love you so much. Xoxo

The second thing that I am thankful for is hot (Yes, I said hot.) tea. I have been sick the past couple of weeks and my mom made me start drinking hot tea in the morning to help my throat. Now I am an addict. Screw coffee, tea is better. Don't worry though- I am southern, so I still LOVE cold, sweet tea like crazy.

The third thing that I am thankful for is TEXAS. Driving to Mississippi yesterday made me realize how truly lucky we are.. Mississippi isn't bad, but Louisiana.... Bless their hearts. The only good thing about that state is that Cody was born there. BUT if we ever get stationed there with the AF I will love it because that is where our home will be for 2(+) years- but until that happens I have no love for that state.

The fourth thing that I am thankful for would have to be Facebook. I mean seriously, we would all be bored and lonely without it. I try to limit my time on it- but am unsuccessful 95% of the time.

The fifth and final thing that I am thankful for is that it's Thursday. Today we find out where we will be moving to in September- Yay! I can finally start planning and spending all of our Target gift cards! I am SO excited to finally know!


  1. congrats on the big news of a move to DC. i love you and love staying updated! cant wait to see pictures of that beautiful baby!

  2. It really takes being forced to live outside of Texas to truly appreciate how awesome it is. I mean, some other states are nice but nothing as great as Texas. But DC sounds great! Y'all will have so much fun there! Good luck girl :)