Friday, July 1, 2011

Andrews AFB

We are moving to WASHINGTON DC!

My husband has been assigned to work at the Pentagon in DC. We are SO proud of him! We were assigned to the Andrews AFB that is located in Camp Springs, Maryland- but Cody will commute back and forth from the Pentagon. We are so excited! The base is known for a couple of things: it covers White House Comm & Pentagon Comm (Cody's doing Pentagon Comm.), it's the home of Air Force One, and it's where our President likes to play golf... No big deal, right? Here are a couple of pictures:

Pentagon Comm
Home of Air Force One
President Obama & House Speaker John Boehner on base
We were so stoked once we found out and couldn't wait to call parents! We can finally start planning and preparing for the next chapter in our lives. We plan to be doing a TON of sightseeing in the next two years- and what's even more cool is we'll be there during the next election so we will be able to attend the next Inaugural Parade. You cannot even begin to understand how excited we are!
The White House
The US Capitol Building
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument
Smithsonian Museum


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