Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August Update!

Family Update
After finding out our next station, Washington DC, we've begun planning the next chapter in our lives. We've been looking at houses and areas that we would like to start our family off in- Virginia is ultimately where we would like our house to be located. While it's been fun house hunting together, doing so over the internet can get complicated and frustrating. We're taking it one day at a time though and once we move to the DC area, the military gives us 10 days to house hunt and sign a lease. So no need to worry about it now! (But of course I do.)

We have known since finding out about our new addition that we would need to buy a new car. After looking and debating over different makes and models, we finally found EXACTLY what we wanted!
It's a Ford Edge and we LOOOVE it. It's the perfect family car and we're excited about all the future adventures we'll have in it. Thank you Cody for spoiling me like crazy!

Our move date is September 15th- We have to be on base in Maryland September 19th. Luckily Daddy B has agreed to drive Cason and I in the Edge, so I can focus completely on the baby. We're so excited to get our life started in our new location!

Baby Update
Cason is growing, growing, growing! He is a very healthy baby, and is estimated to weigh ~7 pounds. We've begun our weekly visits to the Doctor and have been dialated to < 1 both times. Basically, Cason has not dropped and has no intention of making his appearance anytime soon... Even at 37 weeks. So the Doc estimates he'll weigh close to 8 pounds by the due date- this is all estimation of course. 

At the last visit the Doctor came in to talk to me about inducing since we're moving so soon after the delivery. If any of you have talked to me throughout the pregnancy, you know that I am 110% against inducing. I am a firm believer that Cason will come when he is ready- I would NEVER bring him early for my own comfort. Anyways, Doctor  Dawson told me that he really thought it was a good idea to bring him close after the Due Date just because we both (Momma and Baby) will need time to recover before we move across the country. So we agreed to induce on September 2nd if he has not arrived yet. I'm not crazy about the idea- but I understand the Doctor's reasoning and I am SO excited to meet our baby boy.

Momma Update
I'm huge. My feet are grossly swollen and my fingers are so swollen that I haven't been able to take off any of my rings in weeks. But I am healthy! Blood pressure is always good and I'm still carrying him like a basketball- so no extra weight, except the swelling. (Thank you morning sickness, yoga, work, and pilates.)

I graduated Aug. 12th (see post below this one). I also had to quit work because I couldn't really do a lot and I really just wanted to stay home and do nothing- and so far, doing nothing has been nice! I already miss my boss and coworkers though. I'll have to visit sometime next week once Khloe starts school!

Khloe is my 3 yr old BFF. I am living with her and her mom these last couple of weeks- and it's great! Khloe keeps me entertained and Jennifer helps keep me fed and answers all of my pregnancy questions! I love them both to pieces.

Daddy Update
Cody graduates ONE WEEK from tomorrow! He took his last test yesterday, so it's easy stuff from here on out. We are SO proud of him! Thank goodness these 6 months of separation are over a week from Friday! He'll load up his stuff and head this way on Friday (maybe Saturday). I wish Cason and I could go watch him graduate- but sadly that is not an option. We'll be cheering for him in Texas though!!

He is really excited about working in DC and has been in contact with many people already stationed there. He has been doing a phenomenal job getting us ready for the move. I haven't had to do anything (except shop- which I am awesome at).

We've also been getting really excited for football season. If you know Cody, you know that he is a HUGE Cowboy's Fan. He is constantly keeping me up-to-date with all the changes with the new coach and everything. We're excited about having NFL Sundays at our new home and Cason already has two Cowboy's Onesies. Daddy made sure he was prepared!

Well that's what has been going on in our lives! I promise to update after our next Doctor's Appointment- which is Thursday! We are SO close to meeting our baby and being together! The next month will be the best and most crazy month of our lives!

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