Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goodbye Mississippi, Hello Texas!

(For Now.) This past Wednesday, August 24th, my husband graduated from Technical School. We are SO proud of him! Sadly, I could not make the trip since I am 9 months pregnant, and it broke my heart! He wakes me up every morning on skype to tell me goodbye before he leaves for work and that he loves me- So when he woke me up wearing his dress blues the day of his graduation... I lost it! I cried for so long after he left... Oh hormones. 6 months ago, when he left for Mississippi, we thought the separation would last forever, but luckily it has gone by faster than we thought it would. We've been lucky enough to be able to travel back and forth to visit each other- but as husband and wife, we are MORE than ready to finally live together!
The past 6 months, Cody has been doing detailed training for his job in the AF. He's learned to hack computers, protect computers from being hacked, and plenty more in depth stuff that I literally cannot wrap my brain around. If you know me, you know I can work very few things on a computer: FB, e-mail, and Word. So Cody trying to explain his work to me.... I get lost. All I know that he is going to protect the USA's cyberspace, so he pretty much rocks.
While Cody is ready for the next chapter of our lives to start, I know that he learned and grew so much while in Biloxi. He met some really awesome guys that he respects and became friends with over the past couple of months. A few of them are dads- and they've given him some great advice throughout the pregnancy! I'm sure he'll stay in touch with a good number of them.
I am so proud of my husband for everything that he has worked to accomplish so far in his military career. I love to brag about him to everyone that will listen and I am so lucky that he chose me to share his success with. Cason and I will always be his biggest fans! We love you so much Daddy!!

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