Friday, November 4, 2011

Goodbye Heat, Hello Cold

Roughly 2 weeks after Cason was born, we loaded up our vehicles and headed to our new home. Lucky for me, my Daddy, now known as Grandfather, agreed to take time off of work to drive Cason and I so I could ride in the back with the nugget. Cason was and is the easiest baby. He doesn't fuss unless he is hungry and he slept pretty much the whole drive up here. We are lucky to have family in Atlanta, so we stopped by to spend some time with them and get Grandfather a few needed drinks in his system. 
When we arrived at Andrews AFB we were all so relieved to finally be out of the car and be introduced to our bright, new future. We sadly had to put Grandfather on a plane the next morning- we were so lucky to have his help and we miss him like crazy. Then we went to buy coats and a Garmin- because it was freezing and we were constantly getting lost. We started our house hunt the next day- and by the end of the process were SO tired of living in a hotel. We had a little bit of drama while searching for our home, but we finally ended up in an ideal house.
We live in Waldorf, Maryland and we LOOOVE it. It has a small town feel, but has plenty of things to do and places to eat and shop. Our 2-story home is perfect- it's a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath with hardwood floors and a large deck out back. Our neighborhood is adorable- the kids come home from school and play baseball or football in the street. They always wave to both me and Cody... So stinkin' cute.
We love being so close to my sister, Sarah, who is getting her masters done in Princeton, NJ. We love being close to Washington D.C. We just love our life here and we're so excited for the next couple of years.

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  1. Your house is really cute! Post pics of the inside when you can! Glad everyone is doing well!