Tuesday, December 11, 2012

15 months

Today we had Cason's 15 month check-up. It went great, just like every other one! The highlights of the appointment were: Cason blowing kisses to a little girl in the waiting room, holding up the stethoscope to his ear and saying, "Hi?", and telling the doctor "No!" when he asked Cason if he could check his ears. Our son is something else, y'all!


  • Weight: 25.8 lbs
  • Height: 32 inches
  • New Words: No, Hi!, Boo!, & Ho! Ho! Ho! 
  • New Game: Peek-A-Boo!
  • Favorite Activities: Dancing, coloring, & playing with Daddy.
  • Favorite Foods: Mashed potatoes, grilled cheese, & yogurt.
  • Favorite Drink: Water. He chugs it like there's no tomorrow.
  • Sleep: One nap daily, all night in his bed.
  • Favorite Time of Day: When Daddy comes home.
  • Something Mommy Loves: If we nap together, I get woken up with kisses.
We are so blessed to have such a happy and healthy baby boy. He laughs more than he cries, and he is constantly coming over to give me kisses. We are the perfect family in my opinion and I'm excited for the future!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

844th CG Holiday Party

Last night, our sweet little family drove  into Arlington, VA for the 744th Communications Squadron's Holiday Party. The party was held at the Sheraton Hotel- and it was amazing. There was childcare on site, so Cason went with us. (That made me a very relaxed mama, but more on Cason in a bit.)

First there was social hour- so we got drinks in our hand, mingled, & grabbed yummy appetizers off the passing trays. My favorite: the crab cakes. My husband's favorite: mini taquitos. Sounds about right, huh? Dinner was delicious and we had a great group at our table. There was never a dull moment during the night. We laughed, joked, told stories- you name it! There are some pretty amazing people within our comm. group- and we've grown pretty close to a few of them. We enjoy their company, and we're already looking forward to next year!
At the end of the night- after dinner, prizes, a scavenger hunt, and a trivia game... The DJ introduced the world famous popstar- Psy. Cody's boss came out dressed as Psy and started dancing to 'Gangnam Style'. (And he looked JUST like him!)  It was a huge surprise and everybody was freaking out. Other people got involved- they copied the music video REALLY well! There were two girl's dancing with him, the yellow suit guy, a cowboy.. I mean it was detailed. I ran up to the front since I'm short- and all of a sudden, I see my husband out there dancing too! He was a part of it and helped put together this huge sychronized performance. I was shocked and so in love, haha! He'd worked late the past couple of days, and I didn't think anything of it- but that was what he was working on and he wanted to surprise me. Man, my husband has good looks and good moves y'all! The best part was the big kiss I got at the end and all of his co-workers (who were apart of it) coming up to me and saying he hated having to lie to me! I was (am) so proud of him and as soon as I get a good video of it, I'll post it on here!
So at the end of the party, we go to pick up Cason... And the first thing they say to us, "Oh, y'all are our culprits!" Cason was asleep in one of the girl's lap and apparently it was a rough evening for them. He was really tired (fussy) and would fight going to sleep.. Fall asleep and then wake up crying. Y'all he has never gone to sleep without his mama, and he didn't like it one bit. He woke up right after we got there and started crying immediately, but pacified the second I picked him up. Then talked to us all the way home and went straight to bed, haha!
I forgot my camera... I know, I know. I wasn't happy about it, especially since my husband was so handsome and I wanted pictures! Luckily, our good friend, Michael, took a few pictures for us. We had a GREAT night and we can't wait until next year!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


We are so excited for our Heisman Party this weekend! Johnny Football killed it this year, and we're so pumped to (hopefully!) see him take home the Heisman Trophy. We are SO proud to be an Aggie family!
Gig'em Ags & WHOOP JF!
Cody Works '10
Claire Works '12
Cason Works '33

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Aunt Brooke Visits D.C.

In the middle of November- the LONG awaited visit from Aunt Brooke finally happened! We'd been counting down the days until she & her boyfriend, Coleman, arrived. We were so excited to spend time with her- and Cason absolutely LOVES having her around. It was our first time meeting Coleman- and we had a great time with him too!
During their visit, we did a lot of different things. We spent a day at the mall shopping and letting Cason play in the kid's area, we went into the city to sight-see, and we spent days in our pjs relaxing. It was a much-needed visit for everyone, but way too short!
We started missing Aunt Brooke the moment she left! (I cried, haha but who's surprised? Nobody!) I, personally, LOVE Brooke. We became fast friends when Cody and I started dating, and the relationship has just grown from there. She's not only my sister, but one of my closest friends. I know she'll always have my back- like I'll always have hers. Cody is EXTREMELY protective of her, and will always see her as the little sister he needs to take care of.. And Cason is just IN LOVE with her. If she's near- he's smiling. She is so good with him, and is constantly making him laugh. She is the perfect sister, sister-in-law, and aunt.
At Ford's Theatre - Where President Lincoln was shot.
Coleman & Brooke on the metro.
Sweet baby!
WWII Memorial
The hubby & I on the metro.
Coleman & Brooke at Lincoln Memorial, in front of the Reflecting Pool!
We love you Brooke!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gimmie Visits Maryland

So last week, my MIL came to visit us! We hadn't seen her since July- so it was nice to see our Gimmie. We skype her every week, but getting to wrap our arms around her and having her here with us is so much sweeter. We miss her so much when we're not with her- so having her here for a week was awesome... But DEFINITELY wasn't long enough. We've decided for future visits though that she'll stay at least 2 weeks.. and just MAYBE that will suffice!

Her week here was definitely eventful... The hurricane, for starters, gave us some drama. We enjoyed staying indoors though. We played a ton of board games and I've become addicted to Words With Friends. Playing board games as a family is such an awesome thing to do. We've had a Family Movie Night every Friday night since we were married- but now we're playing board games more too! Playing dominoes while watching the Cowboys or Aggies play is one of our favorites. :) So you should try it! Thank you Hurricane Sandy and Gimmie for reminding us about our games and how much fun they are!

Cason loved having Gimmie around, and even chose her over me a few times! They loved spending time together and he had a blast being chased by her around the house. There are a few habits that she got him into that I haven't been able to break though, haha.
 1. I can't enter the guest bathroom downstairs without hearing the patter of little feet running my way. I have to pick him up and let him play with the light switch for a few minutes before I can do anything else.

2. I can't open the gate to go upstairs without hearing him running as fast as he can from where ever he's at in the house. I have to hold his hand and let him walk up the stairs. (That's right, walk- not crawl.) She helped him master them, since normally I just let him crawl up. And if I dare go up there without him, I hear screams until I come back down and let him walk up them. Thanks Gimmie ;) Haha!
 She also bought his birthday present while she was here. A new car seat! He's outgrown his infant seat, and is now facing forward like a big boy! We are so thankful for her and everything she does for us and Cason.
Gimmie: We love and miss you like crazy. I miss talking to you all day long while Cody's at work, and Cason misses playing with you. Hopefully we'll see you soon! Thank you for being the best mother-in-law ever, and an AWESOME Gimmie!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Happy Family...

...Is but an Earlier Heaven. -George Bernard Shaw

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dallas Cowboys; BTHO Carolina

We can beat the Panthers- Easy!
If not... Imma be pissed!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sneak Peek...

Of our family photos that we took today!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Key Spouse Program

If you know me- you know that I love to get involved, support my husband in any way possible, and help others.. So I was extremely excited when I found out about the Key Spouse Program on Andrews AFB. I have begun my training and have already been stepping into my role as a KS. Before I go any futher- I'll explain what a Key Spouse is.

'A Key Spouse is a volunteer in the U.S. Air Force appointed by their spouse's Unit Commander. Successful Key Spouse candidates act as an official unit representative and work closely with their spouse's unit and relay important information to other military spouses, often during military deployments.'

Basically, we help take care of, or 'watch over', the spouses of the deployed (Or really ALL military spouses with our squadron). We offer information, support, resources, etc. The Key Spouse Program is done at a squadron level- but our situation is a tad different in that we also do work at the Group level as well.
I love working as a Key Spouse.. I work with other wonderful, caring military spouses and we all work hard to keep the 'family' aspect of the military life thriving. It's also enabling me to become better acquainted with Cody's boss and co-workers. We're in the process of planning a Halloween party for the kids right now- and then a Holiday party in December. I also am assigned a few spouses whose husbands are deployed- I stay in contact with them and inform them of upcoming events or resources available to them. I think (or hope!) this is helping me to prepare for Cody's future deployments.

Like I said- I love it. I love being able to help these women and trying to make their lives a little bit easier during this difficult time. Cody loves it because 1.) It makes me happy, and 2.) Cason and I are on base more often and he loves seeing us during the day.

It's great being able to give back to our wonderful Air Force Family, and it's nice to know that when Cody does deploy that I'll not only have the support of our family- but the AF watching out for us as well.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Monday, September 24, 2012

1 Year Stats

Well we just got back from Cason's 1 year appointment, and it went great... like always! He was so funny this appointment- his personality is really shining through. The doctor could not stop laughing at him. I think they played more than anything else! Cason is very advanced for his age and continues to grow, grow, grow! We are still breastfeeding, but we'll start slowly weening him off of it at this end of this month. I think it's going to be hard for both of us- but hopefully, with Cody's support, we can do it! 
Cason's Stats:

  • Weight: 23.3 lbs (50th percentile)
  • Height: 31.5 in. (90th percentile)
  • Wears 18 month clothing
  • Size 5 shoe
  • Walking/Running.
  • Eating table food.
  • Feeds himself.
  • No bottles, just sippy cups!
  • Says Mama, Dada, & Bye Bye.
  • Blows kisses.
  • Waves bye bye.
  • Gives high-fives.
  • Claps for everything, haha.
  • Laughs all day long.
  • Sleeps all night in his bed.
  • Has 8 teeth!
  • Has never been sick- just slight runny nose from teething.
  • Bath time is still our favorite time.
  • If there is music, Cason is dancing.
  • Can throw a ball across the room.
  • Throws EVERYTHING he gets his hands on.
  • Is Mr. Personality 24/7!
They gave me four shots- those jerks!
It really was an amazing appointment. Future Mommas: Nursing really is the way to go. How many people can say that they have a 1 year old that has never been sick? You'll love it, I promise! We are so blessed to have such a healthy/happy baby. Love you Cason!
Such a big boy!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

65th Air Force Ball

For it's 65th birthday, the Air Force threw a ball to celebrate the occasion. Cody and I were extremely excited to attend our first AF ball, and have our first date since April. (Wow!) I had been stressing for over a month about leaving Cason for an entire evening, but surprisingly both of us (Cason and myself) did very well! I actually think I was worse off than he was.
The Lieutenants
We had been searching for someone to watch Cason for roughly a month- asking friends and family for referrals or advice. I was at a loss. There was NO way I would let a stranger watch Cason, but I couldn't think of anyone that would be available. (All of our good friends would be attending the ball with us.) Then one day, my brilliant husband said, "Why don't we ask one of the girls in the nursery at church?" ... Brilliant. There is one specific girl that works in the nursery every week that Cason adores, and luckily when we asked she said yes!
Size 2 dress, woot woot!
I spent the day of pampering myself- manicure/pedicure & getting my hair done. Cody took a half day at work so Cason wouldn't have to suffer through girl stuff. What a great daddy! Once I was done getting beautified, I headed home to prepare myself for leaving Cason with the babysitter all night. She arrived right on time and I'm pretty sure she was ready for us to go by the time I was done explaining every little detail to her, haha! Cason was so excited to see her- a huge smile took over his chubby face the second she walked in the door. He didn't even notice us leave! I'm pretty sure it was WAY harder for me than for him.... and I called her within 2 minutes of leaving the house. Don't judge me!
Most handsome man there, and he's all mine!
The ball was so much fun. We arrived right in the middle of social hour, mingled a bit, and then headed to our table for dinner. We were so happy to find out that we were sitting with Cody's co-workers/friends from his squadron. My great friend, Josie, and her husband were there. Love them! Dinner was delicious and the entertainment was amazing. The AF's Strolling Strings performed, as well as their rock band- Max Impact. We loved every minute of it. Our table was definitely the table to be at and we had a great time with great people!
Great friend... Don't know what I'd do without her!
 When we got home, Cason was in the best mood! The babysitter said that he didn't cry once. Not even ONCE! He kept on playing with her like we weren't even there- and actually looked like he was going to get upset when she left. Cason.... C'mon.... I'm your mother, show me some love! We were thankful/thrilled that he was so good for her though. We are some proud parents!
Lt. & Mrs. Works
We had an absolute blast at the ball and LOVED being able to get dressed up. As hard as it was to leave Cason, it was nice having 'us' time and now that we have an awesome babysitter- I'm sure we'll be going on regular dates. Whoop!

Happy 65th Birthday Air Force!