Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hangin' with George

Today we took a family trip to see George Washington's family home in Virginia. Mount Vernon was picturesque. The history brought on goose-bumps all day and Mt. Vernon is probably one of my most favorite places we've seen while here. Cason did fabulous. He laughed, cooed, and slept occasionally throughout the entire day. He never fussed and he gained many admirers throughout the day. We had a perfect family day.

The mansion was my favorite part. We were able to walk through the house, still furnished with many of the original pieces, and inhibit the same rooms that George Washington and his family lived and entertained many, many guests. The bed that Gen. Washington died in is still in their master bedroom, and being in the same room with it was eerily creepy - but pretty awesome at the same time. The house was magnificent and I could have literally spent all day in there.

We spend the rest of the day walking the grounds and touring the other buildings. The slave quarters were extremely interesting, as well as Gen. Washington's tomb. We ate lunch at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant - the people serving us were dressed in colonial style dress. That was fun. You're actually allowed to come to the monument dressed colonial style - as long as you're not impersonating George, Martha, or anyone else of significance. Cody's close friend, Jimmy, called us while we were on the way and said that we should have gone dressed as red coats. Haha.

After lunch we explored more of the grounds and went through the couple of museums they have available. There is an education center with all the information of his military career and presidency. A lot of wax statues of George are in this part of the museum... Then the other part of the museum is the  more serious side. It's full of all the famous paintings, sculptors, jewelry, etc. While we were walking through this very serious, very adult, VERY QUIET, part of the museum, Cason decided to very loudly blow out his diaper. Everyone in that room knew we had a extremely interesting diaper to change ASAP. And to make that moment better, Cody said, 'Good job son!'

We are definitely going back with family and when Cason is a little bit older. There are many children activities and animals for him to enjoy. Family memories make the best memories.

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