Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Cody had a four day weekend for Memorial Day- and it was definitely needed! We haven't been able to completely recover from our Texas Trip, so it was nice being able to sleep in a few days... Well, as much as an 8 month old will let you sleep in. We spent the weekend grilling and really just hanging out. We went to the Farmers Market in the area, and were greatly disappointed. I think we're going to start driving a couple extra miles to go to a different one.. Sad day! 
On Memorial Day, we grilled hamburgers (Delicious!) and then headed into DC to the Air Force Memorial. The Air Force Concert Band was playing at the memorial for Memorial Day and we decided that was something we wanted to experience. I'm so glad we did! It was truly one of the best things we've done since moving up here. 
The View from the Memorial:

Nats Game & Airshow

A few weeks ago, Cody came home with Nationals Tickets. We were so excited to take Cason to his first MLB game and to support our 3rd favorite team! (Of course the Rangers are #1 and the Stros are #2.) The tickets were in the nosebleed section, BUT the tickets were free thanks to the CGOC. Thanks guys! The view and weather were great, and we had an absolute blast. It went into the 12th inning (if I remember correctly)- and sadly the Nats lost by a run. We left at the top of the 12th- it was late and our munchkin was asleep. Baseball games are probably our most favorite thing to do. Cason loves the games and just laughs while we try to explain it to him. 
We found out that we have a local team, The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, that plays right down the road from our house. They have fireworks after their weekend games- and since Case had such a good time with the firewords at his first minor league game in Jersey, we figured we would start going to the local games pretty regularly. (I'm hoping all the exposure will make Cason want to play baseball! Cross your fingers!)
The morning after the Nats game, we went onto Andrews AFB to see the Airshow. The base hosts the airshow annually and it's the biggest airshow in the Nation. It was awesome! Cason LOVED the noise and seeing the planes in the air. We walked around looking at all the air-crafts and taking plenty of pictures. I was very grateful for my husband's connections that day. Since he works with the COMM group on Andrews, we were able to get shuttled into the Airshow and have front row seats to the action under a large tent. (Yay shade!)
 Cason and I were able to meet a lot of the men and women that Daddy is about to start working with, and they are all really great people. Cody is getting transferred this week- and actually starts working with his new group tomorrow! He's going from running ~30 people to being in charge of over 100. He has been doing a phenomenal job, and I'm so excited to watch him grow and succeed in his new position. I'm one extremely proud wife! My husband rocks!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Visit with the Gabels

While we were in Texas, we traveled to McKinney to visit a family very special to us, the Gabels! Cason had never met Uncle Scott, Aunt Dawn, and the boys - Brandon, Derek, and Ryan, so the visit was a must and extremely over-due! 
Scott and Dawn prepared the most delicious meal... And after eating at restaurants for the past couple days we were so very grateful! We had a wonderful time catching up with them and watching their two boys interact with one another. I hope one day Cason and his future brother(s) are as playful and supportive with one another as Derek and Ryan are. Scott and Dawn- you did (and are doing) good! 
Cason experienced dogs for the first time while at their house and did great! Their dogs are pretty big too- but they did phase him one bit. The only time that he was unsure about everything is when one of the dogs licked his face, haha. It was pretty funny, but that didn't keep him from petting them later!
Before we headed to Pittsburg, we decided to give Cason a bath and put him in his pajamas to make his as comfortable as possible for the drive. Aunt Dawn and Ryan helped me bathe Cason. Ryan washed Cason's hair, and he did awesome! It was really cute seeing Ryan with Cason. He has the biggest heart!
All in all, our visit with them was perfect. We miss them already and can't wait to see them again!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Celebration Lunch & Baseball Game

After Sarah graduated, we headed into Pennsylvania to celebrate at an amazing Italian Restaurant. We busted out the champagne to toast the fabulous graduate and then ate the most delicious food ever. That night we went to Cason's first baseball game! It was a minor league game, but still so much fun. Cason would laugh every time I would point and try to explain what was happening in the game to him, but his favorite part was definitely the fireworks at the end!

First time to watch Fireworks!

NJ: Sarah's Graduation

My older sister, Sarah, graduated with her masters in Voice from Westminster Choir College. We were so happy to be able to attend and cheer her on for her huge accomplishment! The ceremony was at Princeton University- beautiful campus.. Seriously looked like Hogwarts, so it was love at first sight for me. We had a blast spending time with my family and we're so proud of Aunt Sarah!

P-Town & C-Town

After driving to McKinney to have dinner with the Gabels, we headed to Pittsburg. I sadly didn't take any pictures while in McKinney or Dallas because my camera died- but I know Aunt Dawn has me covered! Here are some pictures of our Pittsburg and Carthage visits...

First Stop: College Station

 Houston. College Station. McKinney. Pittsburg. Dallas. Carthage. Longview. Carthage. Houston.
Our trip to Texas was hectic, but so worth it! You don't realize how popular you are until you move away and come back... And I'm sure having an (adorable) 8-month-old doesn't help! We loved being about to see and spend time with all of our family, buddies, and friends. First, we went to College Station to attend Final Review so Cody could pull boots for his fish- So much fun. 
A-Batt '10 is seriously the best group of people ever.