Saturday, September 29, 2012

Key Spouse Program

If you know me- you know that I love to get involved, support my husband in any way possible, and help others.. So I was extremely excited when I found out about the Key Spouse Program on Andrews AFB. I have begun my training and have already been stepping into my role as a KS. Before I go any futher- I'll explain what a Key Spouse is.

'A Key Spouse is a volunteer in the U.S. Air Force appointed by their spouse's Unit Commander. Successful Key Spouse candidates act as an official unit representative and work closely with their spouse's unit and relay important information to other military spouses, often during military deployments.'

Basically, we help take care of, or 'watch over', the spouses of the deployed (Or really ALL military spouses with our squadron). We offer information, support, resources, etc. The Key Spouse Program is done at a squadron level- but our situation is a tad different in that we also do work at the Group level as well.
I love working as a Key Spouse.. I work with other wonderful, caring military spouses and we all work hard to keep the 'family' aspect of the military life thriving. It's also enabling me to become better acquainted with Cody's boss and co-workers. We're in the process of planning a Halloween party for the kids right now- and then a Holiday party in December. I also am assigned a few spouses whose husbands are deployed- I stay in contact with them and inform them of upcoming events or resources available to them. I think (or hope!) this is helping me to prepare for Cody's future deployments.

Like I said- I love it. I love being able to help these women and trying to make their lives a little bit easier during this difficult time. Cody loves it because 1.) It makes me happy, and 2.) Cason and I are on base more often and he loves seeing us during the day.

It's great being able to give back to our wonderful Air Force Family, and it's nice to know that when Cody does deploy that I'll not only have the support of our family- but the AF watching out for us as well.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Monday, September 24, 2012

1 Year Stats

Well we just got back from Cason's 1 year appointment, and it went great... like always! He was so funny this appointment- his personality is really shining through. The doctor could not stop laughing at him. I think they played more than anything else! Cason is very advanced for his age and continues to grow, grow, grow! We are still breastfeeding, but we'll start slowly weening him off of it at this end of this month. I think it's going to be hard for both of us- but hopefully, with Cody's support, we can do it! 
Cason's Stats:

  • Weight: 23.3 lbs (50th percentile)
  • Height: 31.5 in. (90th percentile)
  • Wears 18 month clothing
  • Size 5 shoe
  • Walking/Running.
  • Eating table food.
  • Feeds himself.
  • No bottles, just sippy cups!
  • Says Mama, Dada, & Bye Bye.
  • Blows kisses.
  • Waves bye bye.
  • Gives high-fives.
  • Claps for everything, haha.
  • Laughs all day long.
  • Sleeps all night in his bed.
  • Has 8 teeth!
  • Has never been sick- just slight runny nose from teething.
  • Bath time is still our favorite time.
  • If there is music, Cason is dancing.
  • Can throw a ball across the room.
  • Throws EVERYTHING he gets his hands on.
  • Is Mr. Personality 24/7!
They gave me four shots- those jerks!
It really was an amazing appointment. Future Mommas: Nursing really is the way to go. How many people can say that they have a 1 year old that has never been sick? You'll love it, I promise! We are so blessed to have such a healthy/happy baby. Love you Cason!
Such a big boy!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

65th Air Force Ball

For it's 65th birthday, the Air Force threw a ball to celebrate the occasion. Cody and I were extremely excited to attend our first AF ball, and have our first date since April. (Wow!) I had been stressing for over a month about leaving Cason for an entire evening, but surprisingly both of us (Cason and myself) did very well! I actually think I was worse off than he was.
The Lieutenants
We had been searching for someone to watch Cason for roughly a month- asking friends and family for referrals or advice. I was at a loss. There was NO way I would let a stranger watch Cason, but I couldn't think of anyone that would be available. (All of our good friends would be attending the ball with us.) Then one day, my brilliant husband said, "Why don't we ask one of the girls in the nursery at church?" ... Brilliant. There is one specific girl that works in the nursery every week that Cason adores, and luckily when we asked she said yes!
Size 2 dress, woot woot!
I spent the day of pampering myself- manicure/pedicure & getting my hair done. Cody took a half day at work so Cason wouldn't have to suffer through girl stuff. What a great daddy! Once I was done getting beautified, I headed home to prepare myself for leaving Cason with the babysitter all night. She arrived right on time and I'm pretty sure she was ready for us to go by the time I was done explaining every little detail to her, haha! Cason was so excited to see her- a huge smile took over his chubby face the second she walked in the door. He didn't even notice us leave! I'm pretty sure it was WAY harder for me than for him.... and I called her within 2 minutes of leaving the house. Don't judge me!
Most handsome man there, and he's all mine!
The ball was so much fun. We arrived right in the middle of social hour, mingled a bit, and then headed to our table for dinner. We were so happy to find out that we were sitting with Cody's co-workers/friends from his squadron. My great friend, Josie, and her husband were there. Love them! Dinner was delicious and the entertainment was amazing. The AF's Strolling Strings performed, as well as their rock band- Max Impact. We loved every minute of it. Our table was definitely the table to be at and we had a great time with great people!
Great friend... Don't know what I'd do without her!
 When we got home, Cason was in the best mood! The babysitter said that he didn't cry once. Not even ONCE! He kept on playing with her like we weren't even there- and actually looked like he was going to get upset when she left. Cason.... C'mon.... I'm your mother, show me some love! We were thankful/thrilled that he was so good for her though. We are some proud parents!
Lt. & Mrs. Works
We had an absolute blast at the ball and LOVED being able to get dressed up. As hard as it was to leave Cason, it was nice having 'us' time and now that we have an awesome babysitter- I'm sure we'll be going on regular dates. Whoop!

Happy 65th Birthday Air Force!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Ideal Fall Weekend

This past weekend was one of the more fun/active weekends we've had since moving here. The best part was that we weren't doing any sight-seeing! Don't get me wrong- we LOVE going to the capital and doing the touristy things, but it's nice doing local things too.

We started off the weekend by ordering our normal Friday night pizza- but instead of renting a movie like we usually do for Family Night, we went to the North Point HS football game. We chose this school because 1. we have friends whose son goes there, and 2. their colors are red and black. Basically this was an extremely easy decision. (Go Dawgs!) We all put on our Carthage red & black and headed to Cason's first football game!
 Cason had a blast. Every time the crowd would cheer, he would clap like crazy. His favorite part was definitely the cheerleaders... I think we're going to have trouble with this one! We stayed until after halftime. Cody and I wanted to see their bands of course- but ended up regretting exposing Cason to it, haha. Hopefully he isn't turned off of band forever.

Saturday morning we woke up and went to a little league football game. We went to see our friend's daughter, Autumn, cheer. (These are the same friends I referred to above.) Autumn is adorable and is SO good with Cason. They both grin ear-to-ear when they see each other and Cason clings to her whenever she's near. We like going to these games because we get to see friends and it allows Cason to be active. The past two games have been at a park- so Cason has been able to play on the playground afterwards. Now that he's running everywhere, it's hard to keep up with him! Cody and I have to tag-team, and he still gets away from us. He's a little sneaky snake.
 Saturday evening, after a MUCH needed afternoon nap, we went to Red Robin for dinner. Yumm! Cody and I love their burgers. (Not as much as Five Guys, of course.) We also like going there because it's loud inside, so when Cason acts like the toddler he is we don't disturb anyone. When we were finished eating, we headed to the Charles County Fair. So. Much. Fun. It blew our minds how big it actually was. It took us more than an hour to get into the fairgrounds and find a place to park. There were rides, games, animals, and food everywhere. We had a blast! Cason rode 4 different rides and loved them. His favorite was definitely the Dumbo ride.. (Like the one at Disney World). When Dumbo took him and Cody up high, Cody said that Cason went crazy laughing and clapping. Our little munchkin had such a great time, and we enjoyed taking him. This age is so much fun- we're getting to introduce him to so many new things and he's actually old enough to really participate. Love it!
Cason's first ride & his reaction, haha!
 Sunday morning we went to church.. (We LOVE our church up here, btw.) Cason started crying as soon as we walked into the nursery- he's getting smarter! But the wonderful ladies in the nursery told us when we picked him up that he stopped crying shortly after we had left. He even drew a picture for his momma and it was proudly put on our fridge, of course! Sunday afternoon was filled with NFL football, fantasy football, and grocery shopping for momma. I've also been decorating the house for Fall- there are pumpkins everywhere, haha. We took Cason on a walk in his car all over the neighborhood and got to see some of our wonderfully nice neighbors.

All in all, perfect weekend.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby --> Toddler

Well, it's happened. In what seems like overnight, our baby has turned into a toddler. Cason Lynn became a 1 year old on September 2nd, and it's crazy how fast this year has flown. Cody and I felt more weird about the fact that we were about to have a one year old, than when we were about to have a baby.. It's just so surreal. Cason's personality continues to come out and shine- he is constantly amazing us or making us laugh with his various facial expressions or emotions. I will post stats after we have his 12 month check-up- but I guarantee you he's grown A LOT. We swear he's at least 35 lbs... and no telling how tall.... Our crazy, BIG boy.

For Cason's birthday, we opted to not do anything too big. (Sad, I know.) None of our family could attend, and we didn't want to have a big party, invite people from base, and them feel obligated to buy him a present.. So we just did a family day, and it was perfect! And believe me, that boy got SOO much stuff as is. We bought him a cake on base, and the lovely lady in the bakery adores Cason- so she was thrilled when I asked her to do it. Watching him tear into the cake was so much fun. Cody and I just laughed and laughed. Of course, we recorded the process and took many pictures. Afterwards, we let him see his presents. Our boy is spoiled rotten! He got a Little Tikes car (plus books and clothes) from Momma and Daddy and a lot of other great gifts from family. So many books, toys, clothes, and cash- it was unreal!

We spent all day playing with Cason and his new toys. He loves everything! His favorite thing has to be his car from Cody and I though.. I could push him around in it all day and he'd be a happy boy!

More stats later- but our son is not only walking now.. He's running. It's SO hard to keep up with that little man. His daddy LOVES it. They play 24/7!
Here's to another great year Cason Lynn! We love you!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Birthday Poem

Your 1st Birthday
Covered in cake and icing,
Your smile stretched ear to ear.
A single candle celebrates,
The joy of your first year.

We sing Happy Birthday,
You play midst wrap and bows.
We marvel at how you touched our lives,
Just one year ago.

I remember the first time I held you,
Kissed your head, whispered your name.
You've changed our lives forever,
Our hearts will never be the same.

As a child you'll love this day,
For all the sweets and presents too.
As parents we'll love your day,
For the gift we got was you.

Each year we'll add another candle,
So proud to see you grow.
But always with the memory,
Of your first day long ago.