Saturday, September 22, 2012

65th Air Force Ball

For it's 65th birthday, the Air Force threw a ball to celebrate the occasion. Cody and I were extremely excited to attend our first AF ball, and have our first date since April. (Wow!) I had been stressing for over a month about leaving Cason for an entire evening, but surprisingly both of us (Cason and myself) did very well! I actually think I was worse off than he was.
The Lieutenants
We had been searching for someone to watch Cason for roughly a month- asking friends and family for referrals or advice. I was at a loss. There was NO way I would let a stranger watch Cason, but I couldn't think of anyone that would be available. (All of our good friends would be attending the ball with us.) Then one day, my brilliant husband said, "Why don't we ask one of the girls in the nursery at church?" ... Brilliant. There is one specific girl that works in the nursery every week that Cason adores, and luckily when we asked she said yes!
Size 2 dress, woot woot!
I spent the day of pampering myself- manicure/pedicure & getting my hair done. Cody took a half day at work so Cason wouldn't have to suffer through girl stuff. What a great daddy! Once I was done getting beautified, I headed home to prepare myself for leaving Cason with the babysitter all night. She arrived right on time and I'm pretty sure she was ready for us to go by the time I was done explaining every little detail to her, haha! Cason was so excited to see her- a huge smile took over his chubby face the second she walked in the door. He didn't even notice us leave! I'm pretty sure it was WAY harder for me than for him.... and I called her within 2 minutes of leaving the house. Don't judge me!
Most handsome man there, and he's all mine!
The ball was so much fun. We arrived right in the middle of social hour, mingled a bit, and then headed to our table for dinner. We were so happy to find out that we were sitting with Cody's co-workers/friends from his squadron. My great friend, Josie, and her husband were there. Love them! Dinner was delicious and the entertainment was amazing. The AF's Strolling Strings performed, as well as their rock band- Max Impact. We loved every minute of it. Our table was definitely the table to be at and we had a great time with great people!
Great friend... Don't know what I'd do without her!
 When we got home, Cason was in the best mood! The babysitter said that he didn't cry once. Not even ONCE! He kept on playing with her like we weren't even there- and actually looked like he was going to get upset when she left. Cason.... C'mon.... I'm your mother, show me some love! We were thankful/thrilled that he was so good for her though. We are some proud parents!
Lt. & Mrs. Works
We had an absolute blast at the ball and LOVED being able to get dressed up. As hard as it was to leave Cason, it was nice having 'us' time and now that we have an awesome babysitter- I'm sure we'll be going on regular dates. Whoop!

Happy 65th Birthday Air Force!

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