Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby --> Toddler

Well, it's happened. In what seems like overnight, our baby has turned into a toddler. Cason Lynn became a 1 year old on September 2nd, and it's crazy how fast this year has flown. Cody and I felt more weird about the fact that we were about to have a one year old, than when we were about to have a baby.. It's just so surreal. Cason's personality continues to come out and shine- he is constantly amazing us or making us laugh with his various facial expressions or emotions. I will post stats after we have his 12 month check-up- but I guarantee you he's grown A LOT. We swear he's at least 35 lbs... and no telling how tall.... Our crazy, BIG boy.

For Cason's birthday, we opted to not do anything too big. (Sad, I know.) None of our family could attend, and we didn't want to have a big party, invite people from base, and them feel obligated to buy him a present.. So we just did a family day, and it was perfect! And believe me, that boy got SOO much stuff as is. We bought him a cake on base, and the lovely lady in the bakery adores Cason- so she was thrilled when I asked her to do it. Watching him tear into the cake was so much fun. Cody and I just laughed and laughed. Of course, we recorded the process and took many pictures. Afterwards, we let him see his presents. Our boy is spoiled rotten! He got a Little Tikes car (plus books and clothes) from Momma and Daddy and a lot of other great gifts from family. So many books, toys, clothes, and cash- it was unreal!

We spent all day playing with Cason and his new toys. He loves everything! His favorite thing has to be his car from Cody and I though.. I could push him around in it all day and he'd be a happy boy!

More stats later- but our son is not only walking now.. He's running. It's SO hard to keep up with that little man. His daddy LOVES it. They play 24/7!
Here's to another great year Cason Lynn! We love you!

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