Saturday, September 29, 2012

Key Spouse Program

If you know me- you know that I love to get involved, support my husband in any way possible, and help others.. So I was extremely excited when I found out about the Key Spouse Program on Andrews AFB. I have begun my training and have already been stepping into my role as a KS. Before I go any futher- I'll explain what a Key Spouse is.

'A Key Spouse is a volunteer in the U.S. Air Force appointed by their spouse's Unit Commander. Successful Key Spouse candidates act as an official unit representative and work closely with their spouse's unit and relay important information to other military spouses, often during military deployments.'

Basically, we help take care of, or 'watch over', the spouses of the deployed (Or really ALL military spouses with our squadron). We offer information, support, resources, etc. The Key Spouse Program is done at a squadron level- but our situation is a tad different in that we also do work at the Group level as well.
I love working as a Key Spouse.. I work with other wonderful, caring military spouses and we all work hard to keep the 'family' aspect of the military life thriving. It's also enabling me to become better acquainted with Cody's boss and co-workers. We're in the process of planning a Halloween party for the kids right now- and then a Holiday party in December. I also am assigned a few spouses whose husbands are deployed- I stay in contact with them and inform them of upcoming events or resources available to them. I think (or hope!) this is helping me to prepare for Cody's future deployments.

Like I said- I love it. I love being able to help these women and trying to make their lives a little bit easier during this difficult time. Cody loves it because 1.) It makes me happy, and 2.) Cason and I are on base more often and he loves seeing us during the day.

It's great being able to give back to our wonderful Air Force Family, and it's nice to know that when Cody does deploy that I'll not only have the support of our family- but the AF watching out for us as well.

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  1. I am also a Key Spouse and I was wanting to ask for a few tips and advice. We have had the program in place only for 2 years and we are having problem getting spouses to participate in the program with us. Have you encountered this problem? How do you get them involved?