Monday, September 17, 2012

The Ideal Fall Weekend

This past weekend was one of the more fun/active weekends we've had since moving here. The best part was that we weren't doing any sight-seeing! Don't get me wrong- we LOVE going to the capital and doing the touristy things, but it's nice doing local things too.

We started off the weekend by ordering our normal Friday night pizza- but instead of renting a movie like we usually do for Family Night, we went to the North Point HS football game. We chose this school because 1. we have friends whose son goes there, and 2. their colors are red and black. Basically this was an extremely easy decision. (Go Dawgs!) We all put on our Carthage red & black and headed to Cason's first football game!
 Cason had a blast. Every time the crowd would cheer, he would clap like crazy. His favorite part was definitely the cheerleaders... I think we're going to have trouble with this one! We stayed until after halftime. Cody and I wanted to see their bands of course- but ended up regretting exposing Cason to it, haha. Hopefully he isn't turned off of band forever.

Saturday morning we woke up and went to a little league football game. We went to see our friend's daughter, Autumn, cheer. (These are the same friends I referred to above.) Autumn is adorable and is SO good with Cason. They both grin ear-to-ear when they see each other and Cason clings to her whenever she's near. We like going to these games because we get to see friends and it allows Cason to be active. The past two games have been at a park- so Cason has been able to play on the playground afterwards. Now that he's running everywhere, it's hard to keep up with him! Cody and I have to tag-team, and he still gets away from us. He's a little sneaky snake.
 Saturday evening, after a MUCH needed afternoon nap, we went to Red Robin for dinner. Yumm! Cody and I love their burgers. (Not as much as Five Guys, of course.) We also like going there because it's loud inside, so when Cason acts like the toddler he is we don't disturb anyone. When we were finished eating, we headed to the Charles County Fair. So. Much. Fun. It blew our minds how big it actually was. It took us more than an hour to get into the fairgrounds and find a place to park. There were rides, games, animals, and food everywhere. We had a blast! Cason rode 4 different rides and loved them. His favorite was definitely the Dumbo ride.. (Like the one at Disney World). When Dumbo took him and Cody up high, Cody said that Cason went crazy laughing and clapping. Our little munchkin had such a great time, and we enjoyed taking him. This age is so much fun- we're getting to introduce him to so many new things and he's actually old enough to really participate. Love it!
Cason's first ride & his reaction, haha!
 Sunday morning we went to church.. (We LOVE our church up here, btw.) Cason started crying as soon as we walked into the nursery- he's getting smarter! But the wonderful ladies in the nursery told us when we picked him up that he stopped crying shortly after we had left. He even drew a picture for his momma and it was proudly put on our fridge, of course! Sunday afternoon was filled with NFL football, fantasy football, and grocery shopping for momma. I've also been decorating the house for Fall- there are pumpkins everywhere, haha. We took Cason on a walk in his car all over the neighborhood and got to see some of our wonderfully nice neighbors.

All in all, perfect weekend.

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