Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gimmie Visits Maryland

So last week, my MIL came to visit us! We hadn't seen her since July- so it was nice to see our Gimmie. We skype her every week, but getting to wrap our arms around her and having her here with us is so much sweeter. We miss her so much when we're not with her- so having her here for a week was awesome... But DEFINITELY wasn't long enough. We've decided for future visits though that she'll stay at least 2 weeks.. and just MAYBE that will suffice!

Her week here was definitely eventful... The hurricane, for starters, gave us some drama. We enjoyed staying indoors though. We played a ton of board games and I've become addicted to Words With Friends. Playing board games as a family is such an awesome thing to do. We've had a Family Movie Night every Friday night since we were married- but now we're playing board games more too! Playing dominoes while watching the Cowboys or Aggies play is one of our favorites. :) So you should try it! Thank you Hurricane Sandy and Gimmie for reminding us about our games and how much fun they are!

Cason loved having Gimmie around, and even chose her over me a few times! They loved spending time together and he had a blast being chased by her around the house. There are a few habits that she got him into that I haven't been able to break though, haha.
 1. I can't enter the guest bathroom downstairs without hearing the patter of little feet running my way. I have to pick him up and let him play with the light switch for a few minutes before I can do anything else.

2. I can't open the gate to go upstairs without hearing him running as fast as he can from where ever he's at in the house. I have to hold his hand and let him walk up the stairs. (That's right, walk- not crawl.) She helped him master them, since normally I just let him crawl up. And if I dare go up there without him, I hear screams until I come back down and let him walk up them. Thanks Gimmie ;) Haha!
 She also bought his birthday present while she was here. A new car seat! He's outgrown his infant seat, and is now facing forward like a big boy! We are so thankful for her and everything she does for us and Cason.
Gimmie: We love and miss you like crazy. I miss talking to you all day long while Cody's at work, and Cason misses playing with you. Hopefully we'll see you soon! Thank you for being the best mother-in-law ever, and an AWESOME Gimmie!