Friday, January 20, 2012

A Much-Needed Update

It's a safe assumption to say that I am horrible at blogging... So here is a much needed update.
We had a wonderful Christmas in our new home. We had a full house for two weeks straight and enjoyed every minute of it! Getting to see Cody's family and our favorite Deaton Boys was the perfect Christmas present and we are so thankful they all came to see us. Cason is seriously the most spoiled baby ever, and the cutest!
 Cason had his fourth month check-up at the beginning of January. He has never been sick- or even had a diaper rash, (knock on wood.) and the doctor is very impressed with his development. His stats are:

Weight: 15 lbs, 9 oz
Height: 25 inches

He sleeps at LEAST 8 hours a night, and usually I am the one waking him up in the mornings to eat. He laughs constantly and always has a smile on his face. He goes to sleep stroking my face or having his hand tangled in my hair, and he has just learned to scratch his head- and it's pretty darn cute. We're working on getting him to roll over and he has mastered taking his paci out of his mouth and putting it back in. He has started teething and drools every where and chews on everything. When we put him on his tummy, he pushes up with his feet and tries to bring his knees in. I think he's ready to be mobile- I'm not ready for it though! Cason has also learned how to scream very loud and VERY high- he never does it when he's upset though, he only does it for fun and thinks it's the most entertaining thing he's ever done. All in all, he's the most perfect baby ever and we thank the Lord for him every day.
We're looking forward to seeing my parents in March, April, and May. They are flying up to New Jersey for my older sister's opera, Senior Voice Recital, and graduation. We'll celebrate our One Year Wedding Anniversary in April, go to Texas in May, and Kentucky in July for a Gooding Family Reunion. We're excited for the next couple of month and I'll try to do better at updating this thing!