Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cason's Room

We've done a lot of work in Cason's room the past couple of weeks. We've hung pictures, bought furniture, arranged everything, etc. Here are a few pictures of our progress! I still need to paint the letters of his name - We're painting them navy and maroon, alternating every letter. We're also going to hang them above his dresser. Let me know what you think!

The Family Wall - since we live so far from family, we want Cason to always have his family with him.
We still have 4 more pictures to hang.

Thanks Mom & Dad for the bed!

These letters will be painted and hung above his dresser.

Happy Baby!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hangin' with George

Today we took a family trip to see George Washington's family home in Virginia. Mount Vernon was picturesque. The history brought on goose-bumps all day and Mt. Vernon is probably one of my most favorite places we've seen while here. Cason did fabulous. He laughed, cooed, and slept occasionally throughout the entire day. He never fussed and he gained many admirers throughout the day. We had a perfect family day.

The mansion was my favorite part. We were able to walk through the house, still furnished with many of the original pieces, and inhibit the same rooms that George Washington and his family lived and entertained many, many guests. The bed that Gen. Washington died in is still in their master bedroom, and being in the same room with it was eerily creepy - but pretty awesome at the same time. The house was magnificent and I could have literally spent all day in there.

We spend the rest of the day walking the grounds and touring the other buildings. The slave quarters were extremely interesting, as well as Gen. Washington's tomb. We ate lunch at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant - the people serving us were dressed in colonial style dress. That was fun. You're actually allowed to come to the monument dressed colonial style - as long as you're not impersonating George, Martha, or anyone else of significance. Cody's close friend, Jimmy, called us while we were on the way and said that we should have gone dressed as red coats. Haha.

After lunch we explored more of the grounds and went through the couple of museums they have available. There is an education center with all the information of his military career and presidency. A lot of wax statues of George are in this part of the museum... Then the other part of the museum is the  more serious side. It's full of all the famous paintings, sculptors, jewelry, etc. While we were walking through this very serious, very adult, VERY QUIET, part of the museum, Cason decided to very loudly blow out his diaper. Everyone in that room knew we had a extremely interesting diaper to change ASAP. And to make that moment better, Cody said, 'Good job son!'

We are definitely going back with family and when Cason is a little bit older. There are many children activities and animals for him to enjoy. Family memories make the best memories.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

Our First Valentines as a family was perfect. I had chocolates and a card waiting for Cody when he went downstairs to go to work, which he loved and took to work with him to display on his desk. How sweet! Cason and I slept in, then took the white chocolate covered pretzels- that I made for Cody's office the night before, on the base to pass out to his airmen. They were a big hit with everyone and Cody loves getting to show off Cason (and his good lookin' wife, haha!). We ate lunch together at Popeye's Chicken, which was delicious. 

Afterwards, Cason and I headed back home to fill our afternoon with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes. Every episode starts the same way, with Mickey inviting us to come inside his clubhouse... Well as soon as Cason hears, "Hey Everybody!", he gets the BIGGEST grin on his face. I'm pretty sure he thinks Mickey Mouse is his best friend. It's adorable. The Easter Bunny is going to bring him his very own Mickey Mouse this Easter. We're excited about it!

Cody surprised me by coming home early to spend some extra time with us. We were watching TV and making plans for dinner (which Cody kept telling me that he didn't want to go out) when the doorbell rang. Cody had a dozen red roses, a teddy bear, a box of chocolates, and the sweetest card delivered to our home for me. It was amazing. Then he told me to dress up because he was taking me out to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. Cason didn't cry once during dinner, we both had yummy steaks, and we were able to sit and enjoy each other. It was the most perfect Valentines Day ever.

The best part about our first Valentines Day as a family is knowing that we have many, many more in the future.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mommy & Daddy are Growing Up!

Cody turned 24 on January 4th and Claire turned 22 on January 31st... And both days were perfect! 

Cody stayed home on his birthday so he could spend the day with his 2 favorite people. I made Cody breakfast and then we headed to Cason's 4 month appointment. Cody LOVED being able to go with us to Cason's doctor and being there firsthand instead of hearing about the appointment afterwards. We had a perfect, relaxing day. We played with the baby, took a long nap, and enjoyed the extra time together. I cooked him a big dinner and sang (Cason cooed) Happy Birthday to end the great day!
 For my birthday, Cody went all out to make my day memorable. The evening before Cody did laundry to make sure that I didn't spend my birthday washing and folding clothes. The next morning, he woke up like he was going to work, but instead of putting on his uniform after his shower, he put on his lazy pants and climbed back in bed! He had asked for a day of leave weeks ago so he could spend the day at home with me on my birthday. It was so sweet! He made me breakfast and took care of the baby so I could take a nap during the day. I didn't step in the kitchen all day long- he took care of every meal and asked me constantly if there was anything I needed him to do. He was perfect. Then we dressed up and went to Red Lobster for dinner. It was the best birthday I've ever had and I have never felt more loved/spoiled. What a perfect husband!
Cason turns 5 MONTHS tomorrow and I can't believe how fast it's flying by!