Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, America!

We have officially celebrated our first July 4th with Case, and to make it even more awesome- we did it in our Nation's Capitol. We started off the day trying to get Cason to pose cute for a July 4th picture. Fail. While he was still extremely cute, the idea that I had was not priority for him. Playing with grass is way more fun than waving a flag apparently. Cody grilled yummy steaks for lunch, while Cason and I were in and out of his little pool all day. We absolutely love the little pool we bought for Case! It's big enough for Momma and Cason to play in while Daddy throws stuff at us to cause big splashes... We get him back though, so it's okay!
That afternoon, we loaded up the car with a blanket and toys, stopped by the store to buy lots of snacks, and headed to the AF Memorial to listen to the AF Band play and watch the fireworks over the Capitol. We loved it! We laid out our blanket and just let Cason crawl around and play. We munched on yummy snacks while listening to the AF Band play lots of patriotic songs. When the fireworks started, they stopped playing their instruments- but turned on a John Williams CD... So we got to watch fireworks while listening to Star Wars music. My husband LOVED it. It was awesome! We'll definitely do that again next year!