Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring! Finally!

It has finally gotten warmer up here and we are definitely taking advantage of the sunshine! We try to be outside as much as possible, especially on the weekends. Here are a few pictures of a particularly pretty day we had a few weeks ago... It had been raining non-stop for days, but there was finally a sunshine break and Cody was able to mow our jungle yard, with the help of our midget!
 For Mother's Day, Cody and I decided to do something special for our moms. We went to Michael's and bought birdhouses for Cason to decorate. Cody and I painted the base colors (Pink & Purple, very Mother's Day, right?) and then let Cason go to town finger painting them. I sadly didn't get many pictures, I was covered in paint and trying to prevent my son from getting paint on everything in the house. He did a great job decorating though and his hand print is on the back of the birdhouses. Gimme and Gigi LOVE them.
My Mother's Day weekend was perfect. Cody outdid himself, for sure. I didn't change a single diaper ALL weekend long, didn't do any housework, didn't cook, and got to choose every meal! Sunday morning, I was woken up by my sweet boys- Cody have Cason hand me my card. (He threw it at me. Everything is a baseball these days.) Inside was the sweetest note from my boys (and baby Cate!) and a gift certificate to my favorite Salon/Day Spa here. I have a prenatal massage and deluxe pedicure waiting for me whenever I am ready! I am SO excited for both!! I have decided to wait a little longer before getting the massage and use it when I'm in the REAL uncomfortable stage of the pregnancy.. And get my deluxe pedicure literally days before we're due. Spoil myself big one last time before I go from having one baby to having two! Cody made me my favorite breakfast- triple blueberry pancakes and bacon. He even found delicious blueberry syrup to go on the pancakes! And if I could eat bacon for every meal right now, I would. I try to keep that urge under control though. We went to church and then spent the rest of the day doing girly things. I had the best day and I love being a Mom to my son and baby girl - who is due in less than 4 months! I am blessed with the best husband.. I am just a blessed lady and I am thankful for my family!

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