Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day, plus some!

Father's Day Weekend was a success! Cody got spoiled big- which he totally deserves since he spends every day spoiling Cason, Cate, & myself. He's pretty great- and we've decided that we're definitely going to keep him!

We started off the weekend by going to a drive-in movie.. We absolutely LOVED it. We haven't been to one before- but thought it would work out great since we could take Cason with us. We found  a theater in Virginia and decided to check it out. Perfection. It's family owned and operated, and a perfect place for families with small children. We did a double feature, Epic & The Internship. Cason stayed awake throughout Epic and fell asleep right before The Internship started. Cody got the first part of his present early: 2 Texas A&M canvas chairs, a Texas A&M coleman cooler, 2 Texas A&M koozies, and a Texas A&M decal for his new truck that we bought a few weeks ago. Yes.. There was a theme. :) We love our Aggies and we're going to represent them in every way possible! We took the chairs with us to the movies, so we could use them in the back of his truck. Worked out perfectly! We're definitely going back to the drive-in movie theater again- and we'll go even more once we move to Virginia in October. (That's the plan at least- Lord, help us find a house!)

Cason watching Epic
Absolutely LOVED this Drive-In

Cason entertaining himself on the way to the movies.
Saturday - Woke up, I made Cody a bacon & cheese omelet with a lot of bacon on the side (per his request) and we loaded up in the truck to get Cody's other gift. He (well, both of us) has been saying for awhile that he wants a TV in our room- but we've always put it off because there always seems to be something more important that needs to be purchased. Father's Day Weekend is the perfect excuse to buy your man a new TV.. So we did! We ate Friday's for lunch, then came back home and played with Cason all afternoon.. Then I had originally planned to take him to a So. MD Blue Crabs baseball game, but Cody decided that he'd rather stay home and relax with his family. We fried up wings and french fries, and relaxed outside on the deck while Cason entertained us. 
What we made for Grandfather & Pawpaw! Aunt B took Pawpaw's out to the cemetery for us.
Daddy and Cason watching Mickey Mouse.
Sunday- Woke up, Cody asked for cinnamon rolls- so that's what he got! We went to church and then ate at Red Lobster for lunch. We spent the afternoon playing with Cason and wore all of us out. (Can you tell our son is the center of our world? Lucky boy is blessed with two parents who love the mess out of him!)

The weekend was perfect! I am extremely thankful to have a husband who loves our babies as much as I do. He is the best husband/father I know and I am very grateful God gave him to me. I can't wait to see how he is with Cate- I'm sure he'll be wrapped around her finger from day one. I'm so excited to see what God has in store for our little family- so many changes coming up. Cason turns 2, Cate arrives, we move (not assignment, just home & area) to VA, and we get ready for our last year of living in the DC area. Perfect life if I may say so myself!

Update on Cate: 28wks,4days. Growing and healthy! :) We've started getting things for her and her nursery. We'll be moving right after she arrives, so we won't actually put her room together until after we are in our new house. Here are a few of the things we have so far:

The last two items are pieces that I found at Home Goods. (Dang thing won't let me put a caption underneath them for some reason.) The green bird cage will sit on the floor with rolled up blankets in it and the cream tower/shelf thing will sit on her dresser next to her changing pad. We'll put diapers, wipes, etc. on it. :)

All of Cate's bedding :) Thanks Gimme!
Her pretty lavender table I found on Etsy!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Big Bang Theory!

Listen for him yelling 'BANG!' at the end...:)