Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jimmy Decker!

Most of you know mine and Cody's good friend, Jimmy Decker. He is one of Cody's A-Batt buddies from the Aggie Band and was a groomsman in our wedding. He and I became close friends after Cody and I started dating. He's pretty much family to us. Anyways, he always messes with me about coming to visit- how it's too expensive, he doesn't want to take leave, etc. We always go back and forth about it.

On July 5th, Cody told me that we needed to go to Baltimore to pick up a returning deployed airman. (This is a common occurrence- we hadn't picked up one before, but I know that it happens.) Well, we arrived at the airport and went to the baggage claim to start looking for the airman that we were picking up. I, being me, had many questions. "Where is this kid's family? Friends?" "Should I have made 'Welcome Home!' signs?" "Cody... Are you sure wearing your moccasins was the best idea?... Aren't you this kid's boss?" "Will I have to talk to him? Have I met him?" "Are we taking him out to dinner?" Poor Cody, right? Well, Cody was looking and at first couldn't find him- acted worried about arrival times, wasn't sure where he was flying in from. So then I got on him, "Cody! Why didn't you bring your blackberry with that information?! This poor boy is probably waiting for us somewhere!" So I started walking around with Cason and looking for guys in uniforms. Every time I would see one, I'd wave Cody down... He'd say it wasn't him... We were standing there looking for this guy, when I heard, "I love it when a plan comes together!" And this guy, in civilian clothes, is hugging my husband... I wish I could have recorded what went through my brain. It took me a long time to realize that it was Jimmy and that he and Cody had planned this whole thing to surprise me. After about 10 seconds, it clicked, and the freaking out started.

We had the absolute BEST four day weekend. I started planning things the second we got back in the truck and I think I did pretty darn good for being completely caught off-guard. We spent all day Saturday in DC, seeing monuments and the National Spy Museum. Hot, hot day! But Preggo and the toddler survived it. That night we relaxed, ordered pizza, I made buffalo dip, and we did Family Night.

The next day we slept late, let Cason swim, and then went to Medieval Times that afternoon/evening. Jimmy had never been- so Cody and I (both HUGE fans) had to take him. We were worried about Cason, but he sat through the entire two hour show and loved every minute of it. He clapped, waved at the horses, cheered, and boo'ed along with the rest of us. We had a blast!
The next day, Cody had to go into work for a few hours. Jimmy, Cason, and I drove to base to eat lunch with him. Jimmy got to see Cody's office and some of the base. Cody came home early that afternoon and we headed to a Ranger's game. (They played the Baltimore Orioles.) If you know me, you know that I love the Texas Rangers as much as my husband loves the Dallas Cowboys. I am obsessed. They are my team and it's my dream to own them one day. It's going to happen! Cason loved that as well, cheering and clapping throughout the whole game. We had the greatest time. Tuesday, we met Cody again for lunch and then Cason and I drove Jimmy to the airport. (After killing some time at Target and Carter's looking at baby stuff... Jimmy is a good sport!:)
I'm so so happy that Jimmy came to visit, but sad that it's come and gone. It was great visiting with him- even when him and Cody were teaming up on me.. Which is a common occurrence. Cason loved having him here and we already miss him! Perfect weekend and can't wait to see him again!

Thank you!

Happy Birthday, America!

Me, Mr. Steele, Cason, & Cody at Mount Vernon
We have had a crazy week! (But seriously, one of the best weeks ever.) This July 4th was definitely the best one yet- and I am sad that it's over. My high school band director, Jason Steele, brought his band up to march in the Independence Day Parade. Mr. Steele is now the director at White Oak ISD. Anyways, while in school, I was extremely close to not only Mr. Steele, but his entire family. I worked closely with Mr. Steele as his drum major and with D'Anne (Dee Dee, his wife) being a majorette. Their two boys are the sweetest and I was not only one of their babysitters, but also their first girlfriend. :) Needless to say, I was very close to their family.

We first met up with them at Mount Vernon. Dee Dee and the boys had stayed at the hotel for the afternoon, but we got to spend that time with J. We walked around the plantation with him, catching up and seeing all the sights. I have missed him like crazy! He was a huge influence in my life during high school and college, and it was so good to see him. It was also the first time for him to meet Cody and Cason. :) We had a good afternoon!

Waiting for the parade to start!
My boys watching the parade.
All four of us. :)
Cason found a friend while waiting for the parade.
White Oak Band!
White Oak Band!
They represented Texas well!
 The next day was July 4th. Our little family took the metro into DC to see J and his band march in the Independence Day Parade. We sat with Dee Dee, the boys, and J's parents. The boys have grown so much. It makes me sad, and makes me feel so old! We ran to the house after the parade to cool off and let Cason nap- and then headed back to the National Mall to watch the fireworks with the Steele Family. The fireworks were awesome, just like last year. We had a great, great day!
I can't wait to see them again. I love them all so much!