Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, America!

Me, Mr. Steele, Cason, & Cody at Mount Vernon
We have had a crazy week! (But seriously, one of the best weeks ever.) This July 4th was definitely the best one yet- and I am sad that it's over. My high school band director, Jason Steele, brought his band up to march in the Independence Day Parade. Mr. Steele is now the director at White Oak ISD. Anyways, while in school, I was extremely close to not only Mr. Steele, but his entire family. I worked closely with Mr. Steele as his drum major and with D'Anne (Dee Dee, his wife) being a majorette. Their two boys are the sweetest and I was not only one of their babysitters, but also their first girlfriend. :) Needless to say, I was very close to their family.

We first met up with them at Mount Vernon. Dee Dee and the boys had stayed at the hotel for the afternoon, but we got to spend that time with J. We walked around the plantation with him, catching up and seeing all the sights. I have missed him like crazy! He was a huge influence in my life during high school and college, and it was so good to see him. It was also the first time for him to meet Cody and Cason. :) We had a good afternoon!

Waiting for the parade to start!
My boys watching the parade.
All four of us. :)
Cason found a friend while waiting for the parade.
White Oak Band!
White Oak Band!
They represented Texas well!
 The next day was July 4th. Our little family took the metro into DC to see J and his band march in the Independence Day Parade. We sat with Dee Dee, the boys, and J's parents. The boys have grown so much. It makes me sad, and makes me feel so old! We ran to the house after the parade to cool off and let Cason nap- and then headed back to the National Mall to watch the fireworks with the Steele Family. The fireworks were awesome, just like last year. We had a great, great day!
I can't wait to see them again. I love them all so much!

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