Monday, November 18, 2013

Check Ups of 2s

Cason and Cate recently had their growth check-ups, Cason's 2 year & Cate's 2 month. We'll go ladies first and start with Cate!


I had been stressing about Cate's eating. If you know me, I am a HUGE advocate for breastfeeding.. but don't get me wrong, the first 6 weeks are hard. I think I had forgotten this and only remembered the easy times with Cason. So once Cate arrived, I was almost blindsided by the difficulty of it. (And the pain, ouch.) I was worried that Cate wasn't eating well or gaining enough weight. When I say worried, I mean I cried about it... Lost sleep over it. It's stressful worrying about whether or not your baby is getting the nutrients she needs! So going into our appointment, I was nervous and I was so sure the doctor would tell me that I wasn't doing enough.


Weight: 12lbs, 13oz ; 90th percentile.
Height: 23 in ; 75th percentile.

She was apparently eating MUCH better than I thought. Her feeding schedule has a much better routine now and she's eating great. I'm very happy with the progress and SO happy that we're out of the first 6 weeks.

Cate's skin is very sensitive, so we were prescribed sensitive lotion and body wash. I wash her clothes separately and with special baby detergent. (Which is apparently a 'thing'. Cason never got that special treatment, haha.) We've also been battling a diaper rash. I have done everything to get rid of it. EVERYTHING. I have tried so many different creams, let her go without a diaper, changed diaper brands, changed wipes, rinsed out the wipes to get the chemicals off, stopped using wipes... I change her diaper after the smallest wetness, so we've gone through diapers like crazy. The doctor thought that since I had done all those things, and she still had it, that it was a yeast infection- but the medicine she prescribed did nothing. SO, I am still working hard at clearing it up and it's finally almost gone. Cross your fingers. To say our daughter has sensitive skin is an understatement I think. (I am open for suggestions moms!)

Other things about Cate at 2 months:

  • Sleeps approximately 9 hours every night.
  • Sleeps on her tummy.
  • Is holding her head up and looking around like a pro.
  • Size 2 diapers.
  • 3-6 month clothing.
  • Size 1, almost 2 in shoe.
  • LOVES baths.
  • Smiles and coos all day.
  • Is most content when held... She'll turn that cry off as soon as you pick her up!
  • Great traveler, loves her car seat.
We are all in love with our Cate... She's the sweetest little girl! And she is definitely a daddy's girl... Y'all should see my husband with her. It's the sweetest thing!


Cason, Cason, Cason.... I have worries about his eating as well. He eats NOTHING. He is the pickiest eater I've ever known, and Rachel Gooding is my sister, so that says a lot. We try to introduce new things and put food in front of him.. But God forbid you actually make him try something because he'll throw a fit. I have no idea where I went wrong, but I have to make sure it doesn't happen with Cate.

The doctor, though, was not worried in the slightest about Cason's eating. He told me to give Cason what he wants- if he only wants carnation breakfast drink (what we've switched chocolate milk with because it has a lot more vitamins), graham crackers, and yogurt... Then give him that. We talked about Cason's talking. Cason's saying a few things, but he's not overly talkative. He's ridiculously smart and can accomplish complex tasks, he just doesn't want to talk about it! The doctor said where Cason is right now is normal, but that we can get him evaluated if we want. If we do that, we'll wait until we are in Texas. Honestly, we're not that worried. He'll talk when he's ready and he communicates well... And the way he talks is so cute and sweet. Call me a bad mother, but a little while longer of hearing cute, mispronounced words is fine with me.

Cason also got his flu shot while there.. Didn't shed a single tear- just said, "Ow!"

Weight: 30lbs ; 75th percentile
Height: 36 inches ; 75th percentile (He's going to be 6ft y'all!)

His Gimme has always told us to double his height at his 2 year appt and that will be his final height. He's going to be tall like Johnny, his Pawpaw!

Other things about Cason at 2 years:

  • Size 3T in clothing
  • Size 6/7 in shoes
  • Sleeps through the night
  • Says Thank you, Love you, Let's Go, Ready??, and all the other normal things.
  • Takes care of his sister like it's his number one priority in life.
  • Loves Little Einstein's, Mickey Mouse, Chuggington, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
  • But calls them, "Pat, pat", "Mickey", "Woo woo", and "Ho ho!"
  • Loves to play with a ball over any other toy.
  • Wrestling with Daddy is a daily occurance.
  • Swims in the bathtub. 
  • Prays with Mom and Dad at every meal and before bed.
  • Brushes his teeth twice a day and rinses with mouthwash. (Water)
There is so much more I can tell you about Cason. He loves to mimic commercials, sing, help unload the dishwasher...  We are so blessed to have him as a son, and Cate to have him as a big brother.

We have the most perfect little family and I wouldn't trade any part of our life for the world.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse had a GREAT Halloween! Cason loved his costume and loved that sister was Minnie Mouse. Mom & Dad loved eating all the candy afterwards too!

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