Tuesday, March 12, 2013

18 Months

Well, the midget is 18 months old. Crazy! We honestly can't believe how big he has gotten so quickly. People aren't lying when they say it goes by fast... That's for sure! Case rocked his check-up. (I mean seriously, when does he not?) The doctor loves Cason just as much as Cason loves him, so they always have a good time together. It makes a mama feel good to hear that 'your child is perfect and keep doing what you're doing because you're doing a great job.'
Taken in Jan., but I love this picture!
  • Weight: 28 lbs, 6 oz (75th percentile)
  • Height: 34 in. (90th percentile)
  • Wears 2T clothing, Size 6 shoe
  • Favorite Drink: Water
  • Favorite Food: Anything with cheese. 
  • He still loves baths, and is definitely a water baby.
  • Loves to sit in Mama's lap to read a book.
  • Would live outside if we let him.
  • Tackling Daddy as soon as he walks in the door is an every day occurrence.
  • Kissing Mama good morning and good night is non-negotiable.
  • Communicates by taking our finger, dragging us, and pointing at what he wants.
  • Baby talk is still constantly flowing from his lips.
  • Sleeps all night in his bed, and takes one nap daily.
  • If he sees another child, he has to wave and/or give him or her a hug.
  • Dances constantly.
  • Can throw (and aim!) ridiculously well.
  • Still the happiest child we've ever known!
 The doctor said that Cason should be talking in 2-3 months. So we're really looking forward to that, and constantly working with him because neither Cody or I have patience. Cason usually just looks at us like we're crazy, responds in baby-talk, or laughs... But here pretty soon we'll have a talking toddler on our hands! We are extremely proud of our son and so blessed to call him ours!!

'You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes.' - Walter M. Schirra, Sr.

Monday, March 11, 2013

1st 2013 Post....

... And it's March. I think this has been my longest stretch yet without updating the blog, and so much has happened! This blog will cover Christmas, our birthdays, & Valentines Day. I'll make it short(ish) and sweet!

For Christmas, Cody and I decided early on (around September) that we wanted to drive to Texas and surprise our families. The reactions we received were so worth the looong drive, which honestly wasn't that bad! If Cason's got his sunglasses on, he's good to go. A few people knew we were coming down, and helped us perfect our plan. First we went to the Works' Christmas Eve get-together and surprised Aunt Brooke. She was pretty shocked because I think it took her 10 seconds to register that we were really there, haha! She loved getting to see her nephew and watch him open the presents that she bought for him. It's just not Christmas without seeing that side of the family on Christmas Eve! That evening, we got on the road to drive to Pittsburg to surprise my parents. (Cody's mom wasn't supposed to be in from Pampa until a few days later.) We knocked on my parent's front door and were greeted by screams, crying, looks of unbelief... I'll have to post the video on here. It's awesome! Needless to say, they were extremely surprised and happy. Cody, Cason, & I did our tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve (Pajamas) and we all went to bed. The next day was filled with present opening, stockings, good food, etc. Cason's favorite gift was his gift from Santa... He did awesome. :) (Go Mom & Dad for being able to fit us, luggage, and Cason's gifts in the car. He had way too many, but we somehow made it work!) And we also were able to surprise my grandparents on Christmas Day, who had no idea we would be at the house when they arrived. It was a great day! We spent some time in my hometown before heading back to Carthage to surprise my MIL. We were standing in her driveway when she pulled in- I was on the phone with her, and her reaction was just as great as everyone else's. We were able to pull off a big trip without anyone finding out- success! We spent multiple days in Carthage, spending time with family and good friends. (It wouldn't be a trip to Carthage without a visit out to DeBerry to see the Deaton family.) We loved being able to surprise everyone and for them to get to spend Christmas with Cason.
Cody's birthday is January 4th - which was our second to last day in Texas. Our close friend, Jimmy, and I had been in contact weeks before our trip about getting together a surprise party for Cody. We contacted buddies- who said they'd most definitely be there (including Kristen who lives in Kansas), and started planning! The morning of the 4th, Cody woke up to Cason and I waiting patiently for him in my parent's kitchen, where I had prepared his favorite breakfast. (Biscuits and sausage gravy (made from scratch!) bacon, and coffee.) He opened his presents from us - which included 'The Dark Knight Rises' and a vintage Roger Staubach Cowboys jersey. He loved them! After breakfast, we got in the car to drive to Dallas to meet up with Jimmy for lunch. We hung out with him for a while that afternoon and then headed to our hotel, promising to come back to watch the Aggie bowl game with him and a few other buddies that evening. We returned that evening and surprised Cody with an apartment full of friends, wishing him 'Happy Birthday!'. We had pizza, watched the football game (which we won, whoop!) and ate cookie cake. I couldn't have pulled it off without Jimmy, my parents (who drove into Dallas to pick Cason up before it got too late and took him back to our hotel), and all the other buddies who made such an effort to be there for Cody's birthday! Thanks everyone! Cody said it was the best birthday he's ever had, so I think we did good!
The next day, we met up with the Gabels, (Cody's uncle, aunt and their two boys) and ended up spending an extra night in Texas because an afternoon is not enough time with them! We just love that family. Not just the fun, good food, but the conversations we have them. They are good talkers AND listeners- if that makes sense. We could sit around the table talking with them for hours and never get tired of it. The next morning, we said goodbye to our beloved Texas, and headed north.

Ok, I know this is getting lengthy.. Almost done! Kinda.

My birthday was amazing, my husband did so good! First he made me breakfast, and you're probably like, 'Wow! That's sweet!' and it is! But my husband loves making me breakfast. He usually surprises me with something delicious every Saturday morning. My husband loves me. He rocks!.. Next came presents - which included a ton of yoga and pilates stuff (I had been asking for this! I LOVE doing yoga and pilates.) and the movie 'Brave'... and my big present was texting! Now this needs some explanation, haha. When we found out we were expecting Cason, I was trying to finish up my bachelors degree at Texas A&M. I was exhausted all the time... and my friends were turning 21, living it up on North Gate, and texting me at 3 am to tell me all about it. I told my husband to get rid of texting, that I hated it, and didn't want it anymore! So he, of course, did. We also decided that I needed to break my bad habit of texting and driving before the baby came- and the best way to do that is just take it away. So we have been without texting for 2 years.. Yes, you heard right. 2 YEARS. It honestly hasn't been that bad! We actually liked it when Cason was younger, and we didn't have that distraction or that noise disturbing him. Anyways, during breakfast, my phone started going nuts and I had no idea what was going on because I had never heard it make those sounds before, haha! Cody had gotten in touch with family and friends, and had this huge sneaky plan for everyone to text me at the exact same time on my birthday. I read the FB message and e-mails that went into it, and my hubby worked hard to surprise me big! He treated me to Red Lobster for lunch, and then took me to Chevy's Mexican Grill to meet up with our good friends, the Forsythe's, for dinner. We came back to the house where Cody and Cason sang me 'Happy Birthday' while I blew out candles on my cheesecake. Perfect day. I love my husband.
Valentine's Day was more the same- my husband spoiling me beyond belief. I woke up to the sweetest card and my favorite chocolates. Cody calls them my 'rich girl' chocolates, haha! Then he had chocolate covered strawberries delivered to the house - they were the biggest strawberries I have ever seen. Edible Arrangements is amazing! The doorbell rang again later that day- and it was a vase full of roses. The sweet part is that they were all beautiful red roses except 2 - 2 roses were white. Those two roses signify the 2 Valentine's Days that we have been together as a married couple. Cody says he plans to do that every year- and he'll just keep adding a dozen roses every time the white roses max out on the bouquet. He said there will always be at least 1 red rose in the bouquet. How sweet is my husband? I'm the luckiest girl alive!