Monday, April 29, 2013

Cate Elizabeth Works

Our family is growing! The secret is finally out, at 21 weeks, that we are having another baby. To say that we are excited would be an understatement. Our families are thrilled- and we are impatiently counting down the weeks until we can meet the nugget. I'll give you a short and sweet update on the pregnancy so far.

Cody and I have always wanted our kids to be 2-3 years apart, but we weren't sure if the kids would be closer to the 2 year separation or 3. We decided to just feel it out and start trying when we were absolutely sure, "O.K. We're ready." I started getting baby fever early- much earlier than we planned. (Who's surprised? I'm not!) Cody made me hold off though, saying that we have the plan for a reason and let's try to stick to it. Cody has always said that he'll be ready for another baby when Cason graduates from the Snuggling Stage to the Always-On-The-Go, No-I-Don't-Want-To-Snuggle-With-You-Daddy Stage. Well, I was sitting at the computer one evening and my poor husband walks in and announces, "He won't snuggle. Time for #2." And that was that.

Our announcement photo on Facebook at 20 weeks.
We started trying mid-December, thinking that it would take 3-6 months to get pregnant. We've always been told that when you're actually trying, it takes a lot longer to work. That is not the case for us apparently. We weren't doing anything crazy- like keeping a stash of tests at home and checking 24/7. We just decided to have fun with it and take a test when the symptoms start appearing. Well, mid-January Cason and I flew into Texas for my great-grandmother's funeral. I was exhausted and nauseous the entire trip- but just figured it was the aftermath of traveling across the country alone with a crazy toddler. It wasn't until the last night of our trip that I was like, "......Wait. What?" We were about to do our weekly family night at my parent's house (Which has been tradition for as far back as I can remember, every Friday night. Cody and I have adopted this Movie/Pizza night for our family as well.) and Daddy B offered me a Shiner to drink with my pizza. I nearly gagged at the thought of drinking it, called Cody right after, and said, "Honey. We're pregnant." When he heard that I had declined a Shiner Bock, he said, "Yep! Get home and let's take a test!"

Once we tested positive, we decided to keep it under-wraps for awhile. We wanted to enjoy our news together, and really just enjoy us, our family, everything that we are. Cason is the best thing that has ever happened to us- he is our sunshine. So the thought of having double the love in our house, was and is such a powerful feeling. We decided to tell the grandparents on Valentine's Day. We mailed them each cards, and on the inside was a picture of Cason in a "Big Brother" shirt and the poem below: 

I do not have a face to see, or put inside a frame.
I do not have soft cheeks to kiss; I don't yet have a name.
Not yet can you hold my tiny hands, nor whisper in my ear.
It's still too soon to sing a song, or cuddle me so near.
But all will change come this fall, that’s when they say I'm due.
I'm your newest grandchild; I can't wait until I meet you!
All I ask between then and now is your love for me while I grow.
I promise I'll be worth the wait; just think of all the joy we’ll know!
So as you're waiting patiently, please pray lots of prayers for me.
I cannot wait to be a part of this wonderful family!

Gigi and Gimme cried, and Grandfather just smiled like a goof. They all knew it was coming, so there wasn't much shock. The aunts and uncles were just as thrilled- announcing, "We want a girl!!!"

The doctor's appointment have gone smoothly throughout the pregnancy. I had pretty insane morning-sickness, but I had that with Cason as well so it was expected. I crave tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, and strawberries. Too much sugar makes me nauseous, and for the first 5 months I couldn't smell coffee without running to the bathroom. It's been a little harder this time around since I'm caring for a toddler. I can't stay in bed when the morning-sickness is unbearable, or tell Cason, "Break!" while playing during the day. No one is here to relieve me, like my loving co-workers did at the daycare during my pregnancy with Cason. It's been a little more tough, but I have loved every minute of it. My husband has been spoiling me big, his reason being, "You're raising one and growing the other!" After the first 15 weeks, I was good to go. More energy, no more sickness. Cute little bump growing. I love being pregnant. I love being a mom. I just love my life. 

20 Weeks!
Our 20 weeks ultra-sound was last Monday, and I was SO ready to know what we were having. Everyone was saying, "It's a girl! It's a girl!" I'm not going to lie, I felt PRESSURE about having a girl. Cody and I have never cared- just bless us with a healthy baby and we're good to go. I just needed to know ASAP so we could name the nugget and quit the guessing game. Cody, Cason, and I all went to the ultra-sound together. We've tried to be really good about getting Cason involved in this process with us. Every night, Cody and Cason both kiss my tummy together. Typical boys have made it into a competition to see who can get the most kisses. If you ask Cason, "Where's the baby?", he'll raise up his shirt and point at his belly button. (I swear we did NOT teach him that. I was trying to tell him the baby was in MY tummy!) We were all there holding hands when the tech told us that we're having a GIRL. I cried like a baby and Cody grinned so big for so long you'd have thought his face was stuck like that. Cason clapped even though he had absolutely no idea what was going on. It was a perfect moment. 
We decided to try to do something neat for the gender reveal for our families. We announced Cason's gender right before our wedding, because I had surprised Cody with a card and an ultra-sound picture letting him know that we were having a little boy. We wanted to do something more than just a phone call. Cody had to go back to work, so I met with my great friend, Josie, and she helped me put together a gender reveal. We decided to have pink balloons come out of a box when Cason opened it. We have video of us trying to get Cason to participate... Hilarious. So we let family know through pictures instead. Everyone is thrilled, of course, and they all can brag, "We were right!"
Cason helped decorate. :)
He did love the balloons!

Naming the nugget was pretty easy. We did the same process that we used for Cason. We each picked a few names that we liked, and then we eliminated them one-by-one. Cason was originally one of Cody's names... and it is PERFECT. We both discovered that naming a girl is a lot harder than naming a boy. A LOT harder. We knew we wanted a 'C' name and a middle name from my side of the family, since we used Lynn from Cody's side with Cason. The end result was Cate Elizabeth Works. We love it. So classy and timeless. Elizabeth is my mom's name and my great grandmother's name. Cate Elizabeth Works. I can't quit saying it!

Cate Elizabeth Works
Due: September 7, 2013