Monday, September 2, 2013


Cason Lynn,

Where to start? Today you turned 2 years old and I have been shaking my head in disbelief since waking up this morning. The past two years have been the best years of my life, and I still remember you taking my breath away the first time I saw you. You were a (ridiculously) healthy 9 lbs 2 oz, 21 inches in length, and a spitting image of your father. You had a head full of bright red hair- which had caused me extreme heart burn the few months before your arrival. (If you believe old wives tales.) Your daddy and I were in awe of our beautiful blessing from the Lord- and we have spent these past two years still in complete wonder of you, our son.

You have accomplished many things in your life so far.. The normal crawling, walking, first words, etc. and we are so proud of you for those things- as every parent is. We'd easily agree though, that it's your personality that makes us beam the brightest. Even though you are young, we can tell your heart is pure. How many children your age will patiently wait their turn in line for the slide, without pushing or getting upset? One of their first words being, 'Thank you'? How many will stop playing to go give another upset child a hug? Not many. We have seen you deal with other not so well-mannered children with ease and have watched you constantly putting others before yourself- even at such an early age. Now you might think, most parents see this in their children... and yes, I know that is true... But not many parents have complete strangers say to them, "Your son's heart is made of gold". The Lord spent extra time on you, and we are so proud of how you have developed so far... Because of this, we know you are going to be an exceptional young man. You are our pride and joy.

Your life is about to experience some major changes. Your baby sister will arrive in days, we are moving out of your first home by the end of the month, and your father will be deploying in December. I have lain awake at night worrying and praying about how to help you through these transitions, but deep down, I know you'll handle everything like a pro- and probably end up helping me way more than I help you. You are my sunshine and you will be the best big brother to your Baby Cate. I know that what your daddy is dreading the most about his deployment is being away from you and your sister- worrying that he'll miss something monumental in your lives or that you'll need him and he won't be here. The pride that shines in your father's eyes when he looks at you is indescribable- and you should know that no matter where he is or what he is doing, you are always in the fore-front of his mind. I know he will worry about me less because you'll be here to keep a smile on my face.

These two years are just the beginning of an amazing life that God has in store for you. Pretty soon we'll be sending you off to kindergarten, then you'll be walking across the stage graduating high school, starting your first day of college as a member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2034, graduating, getting married, starting your own family... And through all of that, making us proud of WHO YOU ARE, not just what you have accomplished.

Cason, we love you more than you could ever know. Being your mom and dad is the greatest blessing the Lord could have ever given us, and we are so honored to have the privilege to call you ours. Always strive for the best, keep on praying, and remember that you'll always have us cheering for you along the way.


September 2, 2013