Thursday, June 12, 2014

9 Month Old Baby Cate

It's been forever, I know. I figured it's time to make a new blog when my husband starts hinting that I should write one, and says, "send me the link when you're done." So, I will update everyone on our favorite little girl!

Cate Elizabeth is doing phenomenal. She grinned and coo'ed at the doctor, showing off her two little teeth. She is a ridiuclously happy and content baby. We are so blessed! Here are her 9 month stats...

Height: 29 inches, above the 90th percentile.
Weight: 20.3 lbs, 75th percentile.
Teeth: 2 on bottom
Diaper Size: 4
Clothes: 24 mo, except all of her Nike outfits are 2T.
Shoes: Size 3
Mobility: She is a crawling champ.. She's so fast!
Favorite food: Avocado
Favorite toy: Anything her brother is playing with, haha. I'm trying to get her into baby dolls.
Favorite show: Jake and the Neverland Pirates & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Favorite Outdoor Activity: Swinging
Sleeps: 8+ hours,  sometimes random feedings.
She loves baths, especially with her brother.
She's pulling up on everything, and can stand for a few seconds by herself.
She's still nursing. We love it!
I just ordered her big girl car seat.
She loves to clap, laugh, and Skype Daddy.

She loves her brother so much. They wrestle all the time, and she puts up quite a fight. She's grown so much, and it's crazy to think the last time Cody saw her she was 2 months old. He's almost home though, a month and a half to go! Maybe she'll be able to walk to him at the airport. :)